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Hi I'm Rod!

Hi I'm an MD, I have 18 kids and I'm a mormon!!

About Me

In spite of ADD and dyslexia and as a direct result of being blessed by Father; giving me and angel schoolteacher mother who believed in me and brides ( I married again after the passing of my 1st) that stood beside me, i was able to become an MD, which wasn't easy as these conditions (ADD,etc.) weren't well understood then. I'm a married mature American male who recently retired from the practice of preventive medicine. some unusual accomplishments were entering college at age 16, leaving medical school one year shy of graduating (become a MD), to go on a Mormon mission (to Argentina), then receiving my MD degree in Spain, taking 12 native american chiefs (from Oklahoma to SLC) to meet & be instructed by the prophet and serving 5 other missions all while completing my training and raising 18 children. the other missions were in: the Dakotas, Spain, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and a 'regional' Spanish speaking in salt lake city, Utah and in each of the last four, i had the privilege of being called and set apart as the first Spanish speaking missionary (with my companion-in some cases, my wife); even before the 'full time' Spanish speaking missionaries were called and sent to those areas.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a good Mormon family, however, received my own person testimony at age 16, during my 1st year away at college. I love (for it gives me a rush, of the spirit) sharing the gospel with everyone and anyone. I have scores of examples of dreams or deja vu experiences being focal points in their conversions and feel God has given them these very special impressions (premortal remembrances) as guides into His eternal truths. sort of leveling the playing field for those not raised in the church, may I be so bold to say, I feel I have been blessed with at least a portion of the gift of Daniel of old. in helping to share meaning to these divine promptings, helping them to more clearly see 'Father's' hand/plan in the timing of their conversions.

How I live my faith

In helping us decide to raise a large family,it was noting that the1st three kids used up all our time; the rest then were 'free'- didn't use any more time! After the first five,however, we needed more hands,we decided to 'give' the 1st born the job of caring for the 6th child,calling him 'his' shadow,the second the 7th, third the 8th, etc.First born then became a 'grandshadow' when his shadow got his turn- his job would then include over seeing his shadow's new job.This built special bonds between each of the younger and older siblings.as they helped to teach them, as the 'right timing' presented, to sit (propped with pillows), to crawl (putting things just out of reach), to walk ( holding both hands through the house), to talk (as they approached the age of repeating words-by showing new items and saying the words clearly), and looking after them on trips: by holding hands, seating with them in the church, movies, restaurant,helping them order food and even cut a deal with them if they didn't make a good effort to clean their plate they could eat their desert! We even allowed them to help choose their names; always praising their efforts in being good guardians. We taught them correct principles: first us doing it, second supervising them doing it, and third watching them teach their shadows how to do it" this relationship has been maintained as our children grew to adulthood. they and 'we' grew and were blessed in many ways we never could have even imagined!