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Hi I'm Allyson

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada but originally from Canton, Ohio

About Me

I'm 34, divorced and but recently re-married. My husband and I are from the mid-west but now both live in Las Vegas, NV. We're looking forward to starting a family.... Doctors tell us we'll have a hard time but we have confirmation in our hearts that we will have children. I used to be an ordained minister. Currently, my career experience has been call center customer service/sales management but I'm looking to go back to school for Nutrition.

Why I am a Mormon

I guess to explain how I got here, I have to tell a bit of where I’ve been. I grew up an only child in a single parent home in NE Ohio. And at a young age, I always felt I was different. For some reason, I had a very sensitive spirit. I always felt like I was searching for truth. Growing up, my mother & I would go to various types of churches. She’s a professional singer and churches would pay her to be a soloist in their choir. We went from Baptist, to Methodist, to Episcopalian (which I like to call Catholic-lite). And at each church, I would (mostly subconsciously) search for life & truth. Although I found some basic knowledge and some friendly faces… nothing really made sense. I felt a pulling to Jesus but everything I was learning seemed very robotic & not very personal. So I got to the point where I would only attend on holidays or when my mom had a big concert. When I turned 18- I found a family that gave me the first real testimony of how God has worked in their lives. And I soaked it up like a sponge… as if I was drinking water for the first time. Although they weren’t LDS, their church was very similar and open to learning new revelations. So I began a spiritual journey in their congregation… even was baptized in an alligator infested swamp… which was very interesting…haha I was married at this time –but we weren’t very happy. He fell away from the Lord and began the process to end the marriage. The same week I lost my job and was sick with pneumonia. I was feeling connected to the people in my church but I still didn’t have a personal testimony. I didn’t have a firm foundation.. so all of this really shook me. From ages 21-28, my professional life took off but I was a spiritual mess. I developed an anxiety disorder and walked a few sinful paths. Nothing too crazy but bad enough. All the while, still feeling very conflicted in my spirit. I think I felt like I needed to be perfect in my own strength. And since I fell short, I didn’t know what to do. I felt lost and was still searching for something. I went to several different churches, met some friends, but nothing really felt like home. I would occasionally go back to that first church home that I found but it was far from where I lived so it was hard to go often. When I moved to Las Vegas, 6 ½ years ago, I met some new age friends. And through that experience, I learned how to let go and trust. That was one piece that I was missing. I still had faith in Jesus though so I never fully engulfed myself in the new age beliefs. I did, however, find many truths there… enough for me to be rid of my anxiety disorder. What I learned helped me to understand more about God’s freedoms and universal laws…but obviously many things were still missing. And I felt it in my spirit. I became an ordained minister and had planned on furthering my education to be a Pastor. I wanted to keep learning and maybe create a church for those like me who was tired of searching. I met Timothy (my husband) during this time in my life. We were co-workers but didn’t start dating for another 2 years. Our original connection was a spiritual one. We spent hours discussing our beliefs, families and goals. Since he was inactive at the time, the LDS church wasn’t really brought up yet. We knew from the beginning that we were meant for each other. Actually a week before we started dating.. we each prayed to God for the “one” to be sent to us – each of listed what we wanted in a mate (low & behold we nearly match the others list perfectly) After dating a little over a year, Timothy felt the call to get back into the Church. At this point I knew it was LDS, but I’ve actually never heard much about the church, positive or negative so thankfully I didn’t have any pre-conseved notions. His good friend Jared was born into the church but was also inactive. Several weeks before we came to church the first time. Jared would come over and we would all have spiritual discussions. He explained the background of the church and the basic beliefs. What was interesting was much of what he shared with me were beliefs that I came to on my own – from my own study & prayers. When Timothy asked if I would go to church with him. I said I would but I also said No promises on me joining a church. To me joining a church is a very bold and sacred act because you’re proclaiming to the world that you stand for all the doctrines within that church. He understood and was grateful that I was willing to go with him. I told him that I loved him and I would support him on whatever spiritual path he wanted. Soon after attending church, we began lessons with the missionaries… and we became close with them very fast. Because I had a little background & a strong desire to learn more..we were able to get into the nity gritty pretty quick. The only thing that really felt a conflict for me was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my desire to be a Pastor. I felt such a strong pulling within me to have that form of ministry. So I had to pray.. I asked God if this feeling was just pride and if this church was true to help me to soften my spirit about this calling and my understanding of roles of men & women. As I did that, within a week, my entire outlook and feelings changed. I came to understand on a new, much deeper level how everyone is a powerful ministry just by being ourselves. After this happened, one day, out of the blue, I felt as though God surrounded my whole body with a blanket of the most overpowering sense of love I’ve ever felt in my life. He spoke to my heart on some personal issues… and about the true importance of motherhood and that I would make a wonderful mother. It was probably only 10 mins but it felt like 10 hours! With more time with the missionaries and getting to know many of you… I knew that this is what I’ve been searching for my whole life. I don’t have that sense of never-ending searching in my spirit anymore. Now, as weird as it sounds, is a calm sense of urgency… urgency to keep His commandments, stay faithful, and to prepare myself for what lies ahead for us. But calm because I know that we’re in the hands of our Heavenly Father each day. I made the bold step to become apart of this church, the true church. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

My current callings are Young Women's Secretary, Sacrament Greeter and Visiting Teacher.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Generally we like to categorize groups we don't understand as a "cult", however by the pure definition of the word "cult" all churches & religions would fall under that label. I think because the LDS church focuses on a way of life that is in general different than what the world typically promotes... its looked on as peculiar. But if you actually study the LDS lifestyle, you'll see that it leads to true happiness. Even if you start to apply just some of the principles, you'll notice a difference in your every day life. I know the moment my husband & I committed to tithing, our finances began to fall into a much better order. We even had financial unexpected gifts given to us. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

No way... we help anyone in need. In fact, the LDS church was the first responders to the Katrina disater.. as well as many other national and international events where help is needed. Show more Show less