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Hi I'm Rita.

I'm a happy mother of two, wife in love, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a happy and full-time mother to the most wonderful and rambunctious two year old boy who will soon be joined by another, and wife to the most amazing, kind, and loving man you can imagine. On the side, I am a free-lance broadcast journalist who loves to cook and travel the world. But most of all I LOVE to love my family and to be loved by them in return. However, when I am not tending to my family or busy with cooking or other household responsibilities I am most likely at the gym doing aerobics or zumba, my guiltless passion.

Why I am a Mormon

I feel lucky to have been born into a home where my parents were already mormons, so I grew up in the Mormon church. I was always taught the beliefs of mormons and believed them myself. However, by age 16 I began to have a personal hunger for spirituality and knowledge. Although I had always been pretty active in my faith, I wanted to have a testimony or knowledge that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was indeed true because I knew as a result of my own searching, and not my parents' or loved ones' searching. I began to study the Book of Mormon more actively and I began to pray more sincerely to know if it indeed was a true book. I knew that God would answer because I felt that I truly cared about what I was asking. My answer came through the course of my study rather than a one time shebang type of thing. The more I read from the Book of Mormon the softer my heart got, the more I wanted to read it to the point that I couldn't wait to have my alone time with it, the more I thought of Christ and His divine role in our lives, the more I wanted to be good, wholesome, and Christ-like. The more I read the Book of Mormon, the more I felt peace and happiness inside. It was evident and clear to me that its words were and are true. It was so clear and reaffirming that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is indeed the true Church of Christ here on the Earth. There was no doubt in my mind. I prayed to know specifically if these feelings were right or real and each time that I did I also received a soft, yet powerful assurance that they were and that I was in the right place. From this experience along with others that I've had through the course of my life I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet truly called of God, and that the Book of Mormon is indeed the word of God, written by his called prophets.

How I live my faith

Aside from living the commandments that God has asked us to live in the holy scriptures, I also serve in our congregation by leading a youth group called "activity days". In this group I have the opportunity to help young girls learn to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that will help them mature into faith-filled women who love and obey their Savior by holding activities to increase their faith and love of Jesus Christ. I am also involved in helping to organize events for the women's group that we have in the Church. Although sometimes it can be easy to feel like there is not enough time to do everything that I would like to do to help more, I know that by contributing just a bit of my time I am the one who is being blessed for helping those around me. I know that by helping others I am learning to be more charitable and more like my Savior.

What is being a Mormon like?

 Being a Mormon is fun! To me it is wholesome. It is living freely and happily with a knowledge of eternal truths that unfortunately many others do not yet know. I love being a Mormon because it gives me a sense of belonging and a desire of constant improvement to be a better person in all aspects of life and to be more like my Savior in general. I know others may look at our lifestyles and say that they are hard to live, especially with everything that distracts us in the world, but I feel that the more that I live in accordance with the Lord's commandments and the Mormon Church's guidelines, the more I am blessed with freedom, joy and peace. It is a beautiful feeling that worldly things or distractions cannot bring into my life.  Show more Show less