What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Ethan

I'm a new dad & husband aspiring to become the head of a revolutionary business intelligence company to transform modern commerce

About Me

I am an aspiring Renaissance Man/Polymath. I'm married to an amazing woman and we have a newborn son that amazes us each day with his intensity and how much he just looks like a mini-man rather than a baby. I'm a political junkie. I like to think, imagine, joke around occasionally and when I get spare time try and design a board game. Presently I'm in an entry level IT job whilst using my nascent self-taught data-base/application programming skills to make a database that's kinda pipe dream, kinda hope for the future, kinda really cool. I also recently decided to go back to school to study programming. I think relational database theory holds some of the deepest secrets of the universe. I'm an aspiring hacker/tech innovator/start-up founder

Why I am a Mormon

Because God has communicated to me, very directly through his Holy Spirit, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the same Church that Christ established when he was on the earth in ancient Israel. All the good in my life has been magnified through what I've gained from the teachings of Jesus and from feeling his grace in my life from day to day. I want to share that with as many people as I can. I know that everyone, even the middle manager who everyone gripes about at my present job, are literal children of God. That knowledge keeps me in awe. In awe of God and of humanity.

How I live my faith

Well I try to do the best I know how. I try to listen best I can to the same voice that witnessed to me that this is the Church of Christ. This has been what has brought me the most peace in life to this moment and what I intend to try to do all my life. I find much of what God seeks is for us to learn balance. Balance seems to demand versatility and adaptability in some things and an immovable spirit in others. I try to love as purely and sincerely as I can. When I do something, or think something, or want something I try to look at the why. Then I take that why and figure out it's why. I keep doing that until I determine, best I can

What is the priesthood?

I like to approach questions by looking at the words of things "priest" has reference to either the concept of one who leads, one who is elder, or one who is holy I like to remember that the words 'holy' and 'whole' are linked by a common ancestry. When something is 'holy' it's essentially saying that it's complete, that it's healthy.. And "-hood" makes reference to the state of being, and not just any state of being but a state of being that's worthy or correct for it's placement. That is, that it's done properly. So one could say the priesthood is leadership or a point of reference that's completely suited to the position in which it's been placed. Another way to look at it is to say it's God's perfect order. That is, it's God's perfect arrangement. In our Church we often give a definition of priesthood as being "the authority to act in God's name" and that's exactly what it means to be a part of God's perfect order. If God commands something to be done by you, and you do it, then you are acting under, and with that portion of God's authority that he's permitted you to exercise within his perfect order. Just as with any instance where someone tries to act in the name of someone else there are bound to be those who try and do so falsely. That's why God has things ordered in such a way that one can know for certain if someone has His God's authority, or not. Show more Show less