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Hi I'm Amy.

I'm a fashion designer, an artist and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Well my name is Amy Avarell. I have grown up in the mountians my whole life. I have always loved to dance, sketch, exercise, and of course, I love designing clothes! And, I also love ice cream and food!! Its my weakness:) I am in college right now in San Diego, studying fashion and nutrition. I love hanging out with friends... but I actually love hanging out with my family even more! I have a great family that I am very close with. And my goal is to start designing wedding dresses for LDS women.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised as a Mormon. My parents have been great with teaching my whole family, day and night about the gospel, and how to live it. I have always followed in their footsteps, and for the most part, because I was living at home, it was easy. But going to school on a daily bases, was more challenging for me. I wasn’t like all the kids at school. I didn’t go to parties, or go out to drink. I couldn’t stay out late, and I didn’t smoke. I didn’t cuss, I was always modest, and I lived the law of chastity. I tried my hardest to live and do what was right. But because of the standards I had, I think I scared my friends off, with how I lived my life, compared to the norm. So it was easier for them to have other friends that did what they did, and had fun when they could. So at times, it was really lonely. And it was extremely hard. I didn’t have any close friends because of that. But it taught me a lot of lessons about being strong, and depending on myself and my family for happiness. That is one of the things I now look back on, and charish. I grew so close to my family, because I had no friends. When I got out of high school, I went to college. That was the time, where it was hard for me to stay close to the gospel. It was easy in the home, because I was surrounded and reminded of, everyday, where my mind should be, and how to live a good life. But when I went out in the world, it was hard, and a little difficult to stay on course. Because I have lived with such great standards in my life, (like praying and reading with my family on a daily basis, going to church every Sunday, going the extra mile to listen and read about the gospel), well…when I lost that in college, I lost myself. I became what the world wanted me to become. I had fun, I had friends, and I did my own things to make myself not feel so alone and sad all the time. It was an easy, simple life. No standards, no worries, no growth. But when I would crawl back into my bed at night sometimes, I knew I could do better. I knew I lost the spirit in my life. I felt empty and confused with lots of things. When I didn’t live the gospel to my fullest, I realized that life is more complicated. I didn’t have answers, I didn’t have reassurance. I couldn’t feel that peace, and that comfort I once had. Things did not seem clear on what to do, and where I should be in life. With lots of trail and error, with lots of pain and sadness, I have tried my hardest to grow closer to my Savior, by putting Him first in my life, instead of fun and games. I am trying to read, listen, and get back everything I had lost in my life when I was just “having fun.” It has been a long, trying journey for me. But I feel like, if I never would of fallen that low, I wouldn’t have climbed this high. And I wouldn’t be where I am today, if it wasn’t for the mistakes I made in the past. Its not an option for me any more, to not live without the gospel in my life. My relationship with my Heavenly Father in my life now, is more then amazing, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Its worth it, to have lots of answers and guidelines to life and happiness. I love the peace in my life that I have now. I love learning about why I am here, how to be more like the Savior, and what more I can do to help others, and myself grow in life. I still have trial and error, I still get confused sometimes, on where I should go in my life, and I still have lots of questions about how to be better, and how to have a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. But I am learning, and I am trying as hard as I can, to become a better person.

How I live my faith

I am in San Diego right now. I am a fashion designer to be, and I love it! I love knowing that I will make life easier for LDS girls, to create dresses, that are not only modest, but are going to be perfected to their figure and personalities. I go to institute weekly, go to church every Sunday, just finished reading the Book of Mormon for the third time by myself (my family and I have finished it 10 times already) and now, I am on an adventure with c.ds of talks my mom has given me. I am listening to those in the morning, and at night, every chapter I read in the Book of Mormon, I try to sum it up in my own words, in a tablet I bought for myself. It helps me look deeper in the scriptures, pay attention to what its saying, and it helps to be aware of everything that goes on in the chapters. Its actually pretty fun!

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

How is modesty and chastity related? Modesty: The quality or state of being modest; that lowly temper which accompanies a moderate estimate of one's own worth and importance. Modesty can tell a lot about a person. When a person is modest, it can tell how confident that person is, by how they can rely on their features and personality to get them somewhere, instead of their body. It affects a person’s mood, actions, and where their thoughts are. The way a person dresses, is a reflection on how they view themselves. Chastity: To be chaste also means avoiding all impure thoughts and actions that cause us to desire wrong (see Matthew 5:27–28) Chastity is being clean and untouched before getting married. It’s having moral purity in a persons life. ‘Ye are not your own,’ Paul says. ‘Ye have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s’ (1 Cor. 6:19-20; see also vv. 13-18). In sexual transgression the soul is at stake--the body and the spirit.” Modesty and chastity can be related from thoughts, to actions, to words. They don’t have to go hand in hand, but when they do, its because its so easy to have one thing lead to another. It only takes one step at a time. And when a person has a thought, it can go to words, and that can go farther into action. Everyone can make mistakes. When you have no directions in life, it’s hard to know what to do or how to handle things. It takes time to figure out if it would hurt just one person, or if it would affect the whole family. Mistakes can definitely be learned from, and some mistakes can make a person a stronger. But these are rules so a person doesn’t have to go through all that heartache. These rules are here to protect each of us in helping us to live a happier life. It’s a state of mind that leads to your actions. Actions can get you anywhere in life. And it can change your personality and your life from just trying to do whats right. Show more Show less