Lori: Mormon.

Hi I'm Lori

About Me

I am a mom with many hobbies! I like to bake, sing, read, paint, shop, talk, work on a million craft projects at once, "research" on the internet, work out with my hubby, go on date nights, visit Chick-fil-a, dream about vacations, etc. Some things I want to get into: photography, sewing, and possibly running a 5K (I know, weak right? A 5K? But that's a start for me).

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have come to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for myself. I know they love me. I know they love every one. I know that because they are loving by nature, they have given us a way to return to live with them in heaven. They have given us a plan and a way. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ leads us to happiness and to eternal life if we follow the commandments of God and live as Christ has lived and would live if He were walking right next to us. I can't fully express the depth of this truth and how it hits me at the core. I sometimes feel inadequate and wonder how I can share the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with others. But I also know that I want to share my beliefs so every person can feel of His love. Living the gospel brings me the greatest happiness I have ever known. There's no other way I could feel so happy, complete, hopeful... I love my Savior. I love all that He did for me. I love that He continues to be by my side-- when I call on Him, when I'm struggling, and when I just need to feel Him there. Being a Mormon is who I am. It's not just a belief in something, it's a truth and a way of living and understanding life. It brings me so much happiness and hope.

Personal Stories

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

Wow. This is such a good question! My husband and I worry a lot about raising our kids in this world of changing morals and values. We want to give them the best chance to live a happy and meaningful life. In the past few years, I've noticed how vulgar and uncensored media can be (whether it's a movie, a song, or something on the television or radio). One thing we did was set a family rule... for ourselves and our kids. We don't watch movies with questionable content or listen to music with bad lyrics or messages. We try to be careful of the things we allow into our home-- magazines, movies, video games, etc. There's a filter on our computer and bad sites are blocked. When our kids get older, we plan to use common sense with curfew, restrictions on computer time, phone time, texting, etc. Another big thing for us is having an open communication about things-- temptations we might have, situations our children might face, etc. We want them to know how they will respond to a situation before they come across it for the first time. We just want to be involved in our children's lives so we can be informed of the problems or challenges they are facing and not leave the parenting to some other adult figure (ie: teacher, friend's parent, neighbor, coach, etc.). Being involved and caring for each other are probably the best ways to shield our family from unwanted influences.

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

My brother lost his job back in January 2010. He had a really hard time with this, and it was a big challenge for his faith. He hasn't been active in the church for a while now. I called him up one day (he had spent months looking for a job already) and asked if we could put together a family fast to help him get a job. He accepted my offer and I called each family member, asking them to participate in a fast for him if they wanted to. Although our prayers weren't immediately answered, they were answered in the Lord's time. He was able to find a really good job for him and his family. He sent me a text with the good news and said, "thank you for your prayers." He just started his new job today (October 2010)! I am so excited for him, and grateful for our prayers being answered.

How I live my faith

My husband and I have a church calling to teach the 9 year olds every week. It's fun and challenging! This year, we are studying the Old Testament. We love seeing how they light up about different stories, and it amazes us to see how much they know about the scriptures already! I don't think I knew that much about the Book of Mormon or the Bible at such a young age. We really enjoy teaching them. It's a lot of fun. I also get to go about once a month to visit another sister in my ward and see how she's doing. Two of us pair up and go together to do our visits. We just chat about life! It's fun to get to know her and really have an interest in what's going on in her life. We all get busy and sometimes it's hard to connect up, but we always enjoy talking with each other and sharing our feelings on the gospel when we share a short, encouraging gospel message with her. Another thing I like to do is connect with a few girls that live by me and get together to work on a project every week or two. Sometimes we'll bake something, another time we'll make a craft... It's a lot of fun! We just get together at someone's house, bring our kids (if we have kids...), and enjoy a few hours of fun.