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Hi I'm Chuck

我是Chuck I'm a Chinese from Taiwan living in the U.S., I'm a software engineer and I'm a Mormon. 我是來自台灣,住在美國的華人,是個軟體工程師,也是個摩爾門教徒。

About Me

標題:我的簡介 I'm an ordinary person but was blessed to have been born in Taiwan in a loving family. I came to the U.S. to study in 1980 and received a M.S. degree in Computer Science. I now work as a QA engineer at FamilySearch. I enjoy going on vacations with my family, music, sports, photography, making friends, translation, and teaching Chinese. 我是個平凡的人,但蒙福出生在台灣一個溫馨的家庭中。我在1980年來美國深造,獲得了電腦碩士學位,現在在FamilySearch擔任測試軟體工程師。我喜歡跟我的家人旅遊,也喜歡音樂、攝影、交朋友、翻譯,和教中文。 My wife and I have been married since 1980 and we have four wonderful children. Two are married. We also have four grandchildren. All my children served an LDS mission which has brought us tremendous joy and gratitude. 我跟妻子於1980年結婚,現在育有四個好兒女,兩個結婚了,另有四个(外)孫子女。我們的每個孩子都傳過教,這帶給了我們莫大的喜悅和感激。

Why I am a Mormon

標題:我成為摩爾門教徒的原因 I am a Mormon because I love the teachings of Jesus Christ found in this Church through scriptures and the words of our Church leaders. I know these teachings are true and, when followed, can help all who sincerely seek truths to know how they can be happy, not only in this life but in the life to come. 我之所以是個摩爾門教徒,是因為在這個教會裡我能藉由經文和領袖的話找到耶穌基督的教導,我熱愛基督的教導。我知道這些教導都是真實可信的,若服從了,可以協助所有真誠追求真理的人知道怎樣可以在今生和來世得到幸福。 Simply put, joining the Mormon Church in 1976 was the turning point of my life and it has been the most significant and wonderful decision that I've ever made in my life! 簡單地說,在1976年加入摩爾門教帶給了我生命的轉機,是我一生中做過最有意義和最美好的決定!

How I live my faith

標題:我如何奉行信仰 I try very hard to apply what I have been taught in the Church to be a real follower of Christ. I try to be a good father, husband, Church member, and most of all, a good person true to God and to myself. Living the gospel is never easy, but I have received many blessings as a result which has kept me going and I enjoy it very much. 我竭盡所能地把我在教會裡學到的事情運用出來,希望自己能成為基督的真正信徒。我試著成為一個好父親、好丈夫、好的教會成員。最重要的是,我希望自己對神對人都真實不偽。實踐福音從一開始就不是件容易的事,但我獲得的許多祝福給了我很大的動力,讓我一直嘗試,我非常喜歡生活在福音之中。 I help the Church spread the message of the gospel of love and happiness, through voluntary translation and interpretation. I'm also serving in a YSA Ward Bishopric. 我藉由為教會擔任翻譯的志工來協助教會傳播愛與快樂的福音信息。我目前也在一個年輕單身成人支會的主教團服務。

Why is family so important to Mormons?

標題:為何家庭對摩爾門教徒那麼地重要? We believe that we are all children of our Father in Heaven and that He has sent us to this earth as part His great Plan of Happiness. Family is not only the basic unit in society, but also where God helps His children grow and learn in this mortal life. Through family life, we learn to develop Christlike attributes such as Love, Patience, Faith, etc. first with our family and then with our fellowmen. 我們相信人人都是天父的孩子,祂讓我們來到世上是祂偉大幸福計劃的一部分。家庭除了是社會的基本單位以外,也是幫助祂的兒女在今生成長和學習的環境。藉由家庭生活,我們學習培養基督般的品格 -- 像是愛心、耐心、信心等等,先從家人開始,然後推展到我們的人類同胞。 In God's plan, families can be together forever. It is made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and through our faith in Him and obedience to His commandments and that is our main goal in this life - to enjoy eternal life with our family! 家庭在神的計劃中能成為永恆,耶穌基督的贖罪使之可能,但我們需要對祂有信心,服從祂的誡命。我們今生生活的主要目標就是與我們的家人能一起享有永生! Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

標題:摩爾門教徒對聖於經的內容相信些什麼?他們認為聖經是神聖經文和神的話嗎? We do believe the Bible to be the word of God, as long as it is translated correctly. The reason for this is because, in ancient times, the collection of the scriptures on which the Bible was based went through many hands and translations over the years. Although most copies and editions of the Bible today contain the teachings of Jesus Christ, some of the original and pure doctrines have been altered or even deleted, mostly because of political reasons. 我們相信翻譯正確的聖經是神的話。這是因為在古代,聖經所依據的經文收集在好幾世紀以來經過許多多人的經手和翻譯。雖然今日大多數版本的聖經都含有耶穌基督的教導,但有些原始而純真的基本教義多因政治因素而被改變或甚至刪除了。 The LDS Church believes that the King James Version of the Bible is the closest to the original teachings of Christ and thus is using it along with other scriptures that God has revealed to us. Together, these scriptures can teach and clarify the essence of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. 後期聖徒教會相信英國詹姆士王欽定本聖經的內容最接近基督的原始教導,因此使用它以及神已經啟示的其他經文。這些經文聯合在一起可以教導和澄清耶穌基督的真實福音。 Show more Show less