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Hi I'm Tim

I went to college, graduated, began a career, met a girl who wanted to be a doctor, now I'm a stay-at-home dad, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I grew up in Idaho in a traditional mormon family where dad worked and mom stayed home to raise the kids and keep the house clean. I went to college, served an LDS mission to Ohio, returned to college, took some side trips to Europe and South America, studied abroad in Israel, graduated and tried several career paths while all the time wanting to be married and raising a family. Time disappeared from me and I soon found myself in my early 40's, content with my active lifestyle and learning a new hobby--speed skating on ice. One day I decided to teach a new friend how to speed skate with no intentions of becoming serious with her. I had to hold her hand so she wouldn't fall. Then something magical happened, I realized someone relied upon me for help and that someone could love me.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up Mormon, was raised by wonderful parents who taught me to live a good life and respect other people. My parents taught, by example, how to work hard and how to serve others. I learned there is more to life than having the nicest car or latest gadget. I learned that family is important and only through a family can an individual feel loved and valued. From my youth I grew up with a strong desire to follow my faith and learned to feel the influence of the holy spirit when I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father to forgive me of my sins. I felt this same spirit again and again when I was a missionary teaching people about my Savior and His Church. During my mission, I realized there are many good people of various faiths all seeking to be close to God and to lead good lives. I know Heavenly Father loves all of his children and will send his holy spirit to direct their lives and teach them of truth. I believe all religions are good if they teach good values and lead people to Jesus Christ. I also believe God wants all his children to have the correct answers to many of life's questions and I believe the best answers are found in my faith because Jesus Christ has restored these truths and His Church again prior to His second coming. I believe that I have the responsibility to help spread the message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints prior to the second coming of my Savior when all faithful people of the earth will meet Him and glorify His name.

How I live my faith

I have a beautiful baby daughter who is now walking around and demanding my constant attention. She is one of the lights in my life and I adore her sweet personality and inquisitive mind. My wife is currently completing a medical residency program which pretty much dominates her life and by default my life too. We enjoy the limited time we have to spend together as a family and we feel it is vital in our role as parents to attend Church every Sunday to reflect on the real purpose of our lives. My wife and I read the scriptures most everyday with our daughter and we teach her about Jesus and how he died for us. We teach her how we can be together as a family, forever, if we live as good Christians and develop good values. I try to live each day of my life by having Faith in my Savior, repent and improve when I sin, and try to be worthy to have the Holy Spirit constantly guide my life and help me choose the right. If I do simple things everyday, like read the scriptures and pray, I find my life is easier because I can remember the real purpose of life.

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is an ancient history of the people who lived on the American continent from about 600 B.C. to 400 A.D. It tells how these people came to the continent and it relates their wars and disputations with each other but it also witnesses of their faith and their belief in God and in the Savior. The culminating event in the Book of Mormon is the appearance of Jesus Christ, after His resurrection in Jerusalem, to these ancient inhabitants of the Americas. The ancient American histories were recorded on metal plates of gold and brass by religious prophets who were inspired by God. Eventually the various metal records were compiled into one record by a prophet named Mormon who abridged the records onto gold plates. This record was later buried in a hillside to be found centuries later under the divine direction of God who guided the young boy-prophet Joseph Smith in 1823. Joseph Smith was given heavenly power from God to translate the record which became known as the Book of Mormon, another Testament of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less