Darin: Mormon.

Hi I'm Darin

About Me

I have started one online business and I am in the process of getting another business launched. I am passionate about finding ways to provide better service and improve other's lives. I love my family and I love being a father. My wife and children are the most important people in my life. I enjoy reading, playing and following sports, working in the yard, and enjoying the outdoors. I also speak Mandarin Chinese and Spanish and I play the piano.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church, but the reason why I am still active now is my testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. My honest reading of it and prayer has brought me closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and allowed me to understand the true purpose of life.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Prayer is a very important part of my life. I graduated from college in December of 2008. That was a very difficult time for the U.S economy and I had a very hard time finding a job. At the time we were expecting our first children, twin boys. I felt a lot of pressure to find a job and provide for my family. Prayer was the main reason why I was able to get through this difficult time in my life. I was not able to obtain my first choice in a career, which was very disappointing to me, but prayer to God and pondering helped me to realize that there is more to this life than our employment or titles. After much prayer and eight months of looking, I was able to find a job that met my needs and used my skills. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and its ability to help us put everything into perspective.

How I live my faith

I try and live like the Savior. I take care of the needy and sick when possible and I am a positive influence in my community and neighborhood. I am trying to raise my children to be responsible and caring adults. I volunteer my time to serve in the church and I am responsible for the church being clean every week.