Joel: Mormon.

Hi I'm Joel

About Me

I have been maried for 18 years and am the pleased father of soon to be 9 children. We run a crazy ship with 7 boys and 1 girl who rules the roost. I am a small business owner who always seems to be running around like a chicken with it's feet cut off when I'm not sneaking a nap. I enjoy chaos, being overloaded with kids and getting a good snack whenever possible.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have felt the devine truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that His kingdom had been restored to the earth and it is led by Him through a prophet of God. The Book of Mormon fuels my soul and causes a burning in my spirit. I know that It is another testament of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

There is not a day that passes in which I do not think about the experience of my full time mission. I served in Argentina and it was a life changing experience. I loved the people and their love for life. It was humbling to be to see how some people with so little could be so happy. I truly beautiful people. At times in my life when I feel a bit sorry for myself when times get tough, I reflect on my experience as a missionary and the people and cannot help but feel ungreatful for all that I do have. I can't wait to go back!

How I live my faith

I strive to live my faith by being an honest person in all of my dealings. My goal is to treat all others with respect and be an example of Christ in all that I do. Striving to be a good example of Christ is not easy but I could not have it any other way.