Michael: Mormon.

Hi I'm Michael

About Me

I'm a Government Accountant working in Law Enforcement, a Certified Fraud Examiner,and a Father of 3 wonderful children. I love golf and working out in the gym.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know the Book of Mormon is true. The first time I read the Book of Mormon cover to cover I just knew it was true. It just makes sense and filled in a lot of gaps and questions that I had. The Book of Mormon compliments the Bible so well. The teachings of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon and Bible have strengthened my understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and given me a personal testimony of my Savior and his love for me. Additionally, the standards of the church have made me a better person. The more I live my faith the more I'm free. Not being weighed down by addictions or other evils of the world has been strength to me.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

As I’ve read the Book of Mormon it has helped me to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is simply another testimony of Jesus Christ, much like the Bible is a testimony of Jesus Christ. Used together I can feel God’s love for his children. The Book of Mormon has helped me to know that God loves us individually and that he knows us personally. It has helped me to know that I’m not alone and that others have struggled with the same things I struggle with; and that I have a loving Father in Heaven who has a purpose for me in this life. The Book of Mormon has taught me that I am a Child of God, and He loves me. What greater message can a book give you than that?

How I live my faith

It's my privilege to work with the youth of the church. From high adventure campouts, career nights, to sporting activities and service projects I get to watch them developing their talents while developing a few of my own. Our Sunday meetings focus on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It's awesome to see how much they know about their Savior and His teachings. It inspires me to want to be better and do better.