Scott : Mormon.

Hi I'm Scott

About Me

I really enjoy balancing responsibilities as a husband and father while also trying to provide for three little ones who are addicted to food.

Why I am a Mormon

Missionaries knocked on the door of my Nana in the 1940s near Detroit, Michigan. After being taught by parents who are Mormon I read and prayed to know if what they taught me is true. I have received answers and enjoy sharing the message of Christ.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

As a graduate student I was faced with a decision of traveling to Thailand or China. I really wanted to go to China since that is becoming the center of business. However, I had this feeling that I should travel with the group going to Thailand. I've learned over the years to follow the prompting of the Holy Ghost and I followed that feeling. When I was at the airport on the way to Thailand I realized why. The student leader of the trip was also a Mormon who had planned out very exciting activities and opportunities in Bangkok. Whereas the China trip was mostly hitting the bars every night.

How I live my faith

My greatest spiritual experiences come as I study the scriptures in the early morning hours. This helps me prepare for the day and ensure I am constantly remembering to follow the example of the Savior. I also have the opportunity to serve as the clerk of our congregation which means I handle all the finances and membership records. I consider this a great responsibility since these records represent children of our Heavenly Father and the money is sacred funds.