Keith: Mormon.

Hi I'm Keith

About Me

On July 21st, 1996 I was a passenger in an automobile which was broadsided by another car which was traveling between 78-93 mph. It changed my life and left me with a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. I am permanently disabled and am now a "Stay At Home" Husband & Father. I do most of the cooking and cleaning, yard work, shopping and "Mommy Duties" of child care while my wonderful bride works hard at her career. I Love College Football and all sports really, spending time with my wife and children, RVing and self education. I love the study of religion, especially the scriptures and doctrines of all faiths. I love to volunteer and help others to the best of my ability, and make others smile and be happy. I try hard every day to improve at being a good father and husband, friend to all, and at being a good neighbor. I have a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I know that He lives, was crucified, and rose on the third day and has a body of flesh and bone just as we have, the scriptures point this fact out without deviation. This knowledge has changed my life, and it can change your's too.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? That is a very complex yet simple question to answer. I am a Mormon because I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God as surely as I know the Bible is the word of God so far as it has been translated correctly! I am a Mormon because living the precepts and principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Savior teaches gives me freedom from many things, although I still suffer temptation and afflictions. I am a Mormon because I know that when Jesus ascended into heaven angels declared that He would return as those who saw him ascend saw him ascend, with a body of flesh and bone. Because of that I know He is a glorified man, and the Bible tells me that when He returns we shall see Him as He is because we will be LIKE HIM!!! What is He according to Acts? A Glorified Resurrected Man/God!!! I am a Mormon because it makes me happy and I know we all can be together as a family again in the eternities, and it helps me to understand the Atonement in it's full interpretation, not just one aspect, but both so far as man can understand from the enticings and teachings of the Holy Ghost! That is why I am a Mormon!

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel.

I grew up with a lot of questions about "Who God Was", how should I live my life, and what was His intention for me? Being raised Protestant, I continued to have these questions, and sadly, although my parents tried, they didn't have or know the answers to my questions and fears. Much of my extended family was Catholic, and so when I met my first to be, wife, and she was Catholic, naturally I wanted to have the Catholic Wedding, and I wanted to go through the Catechism. Within a few years I once again had the same questions I always had, along with my paranoia about death and dying. I had ordered a copy of the Book of Mormon, but never got past the first few pages, although I kept it with my bible for many years. Eventually I decided I needed to learn more after studying with many different believers and faiths. Within three and a half months, all of my questions were answered beyond my satisfaction, I read the book with some guidance on where to start and recap of what I was reading and I came to the knowledge the book of Mormon was a Book of God, that it was scripture and is another testament of Jesus Christ. So here I am!!!

Think about your everyday activities. What are things you act upon each day where you cannot see the end results? How does faith move you to action?

My favorite personal story I would like to tell is how I became a Mormon. All my life I felt a desire to know "if" God actually existed, what or who is He? I was around "Church" a lot. The Big White Church in the center of town where I went as a boy, or the Catholic Church I attended while I stayed at my aunt's house in the summer. Even as a teen the youth groups I attended in various churches of friends and such. When I met my future first wife and wanted the "Big Wedding" I took the Catechism and converted to Catholicism. I was very active in the Catholic Church for a few years. I still had questions in my mind about God, who He was, what did He want of me, why was I here, where did I come from, and where do we go after death. I began a deeper study about God, took a mail order bible study course and began to study with friends of other denominations. As I did these things I began reading the Bible from cover to cover to try and gain more understanding, and I suppose when I read how Solomon prayed for wisdom, I began to pray for it too. I prayed fervently for wisdom, and at this time in my reflecting made God, and myself 3 promises if He would help me with Biblical Wisdom and Knowledge. I would read the Bible to the end, I would no more say His name in vein, and "if" His Church existed on the earth today, I would find it. As I had gotten far enough to realize truth would be lost, and again it would be revealed to the inhabitants of the earth. I wanted to know which Church was the right church, much like Joseph Smith did! Through Hippocracy which I saw one Easter Sunday in my home Parish, and other questions that didn't go thoroughly answered by the Priest of our Parish, I decided that day, I was done going to the church I currently was going too. Other than weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other such events for friends and family I had stopped attending churches of all faiths for the most part, with the exception of a few bible study groups. They always seemed to leave me asking more questions which led me from one bible study group to another until I began to compile my own thought processes, which were not always accurate even then by my own admission. During this time I did have a copy of the Book of Mormon I had ordered years earlier, never got past about page 4 and set it aside, but kept it with my Bible. A few more years had past when I began to study with another denomination, which lasted for about 9 months or so. The lady and a friend would come every week or so and were supposed to study one chapter per meeting from their study guide book on different gospel topics. However with the amount of questions I had, 8 months into it we were only on about lesson 16 or so I think it was. The subject which terrified me more than any other, the subject of Death, and Dying. Their view scared me even more than I already had been. About the second week of studying that chapter with them I saw another commercial for a free video from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I thought, I will call, and ask for another Book of Mormon in the hopes they call again and would like to talk to me. I would invite them in this time! To my surprise they had two missionaries call me within a few days. I made an appointment. Two young women came to my home, we watched a video, I talked to them about the Book of Mormon, they told me where to start reading, and we made another appointment. Three months later I came to a knowledge of God I had previously never known. I knew what they were teaching was true, and I knew they cared about ME! I knew God cared about me too! After all my questions were answered, and truths were shown to me I had only assumed or guessed at, I knew the message they shared was true. I was baptized on February 19th 1995. It was the single most important and wonderful decision I have ever made in my life! It hasn't always been easy, but it has been understandable, and I know I have a Savior and I know I have all the blessings I now enjoy through the tender mercies of God. I have made decisions in my life, good and bad, and they all have consequences, but now I understand that, and I also understand God's purpose for me in my life! Unfortunately for many reasons my first marriage of 17.5 years didn't work out as planned, it sadly never did. The important thing to know is that God loves me, forgives us all our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. I have a wonderful new bride of 4+ years, wonderful children, and a happiness I never could have known without the knowledge that God has restored His Church on the earth in these, the last days. I know it is so, and I gladly and happily proclaim it to all who want to know, and I do it because I know that it is so. I testify to you it is true, and that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World, and of each and every one of us. I do so testify of this to you, and I do it in His Sacred name, even Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

Recently I was called as the Second Councilor in the new Bishopric. I guess that would be like an "Assistant Pastor" in a "Protestant Church", or an "Priest serving under a Monsignor" in a Catholic Church. I hope that gives you an idea. We don't receive any pay to hold these positions we do it because we love the Lord, and we fit it into our spare time around our full-time jobs, around family and everything else we do. We get paid in the blessings we receive by serving others. I love the Lord and do my best to serve Him by serving my fellow man.