Saundra: Mormon.

Hi I'm Saundra

About Me

I am the oldest of 6 kids and we all grew up in Alaska. I am now a working college student and am studying Physical Education and Math Education. I love to play sports, particularly volleyball, and love to teach and play with kids. I also love to hang out with my good friends and roommates.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Both of my parents are active members and taught my siblings and I how to live as good and righteous people. In my teenage years, our church leaders encouraged the youth to gain a testimony of the Gospel for ourselves. They taught us that it was good that we were living off of our parents' testimonies, but there comes a time that we must find out for ourselves. There were many times during my youth where I would go to my Heavenly Father in prayer, after reading the Book of Mormon, and ask Him to help me to know for myself. I never saw angels, a flash of light, or even a "sign." Each and every time, I only felt the tender love of my Heavenly Father and heard His voice in my head telling me that I already knew. I already had a testimony of the truthfulness of this church. It may have been a small testimony, but I had it and it was mine. Once I knew, there was no turning back. I cannot deny that this is the true church, that we are lead by a prophet of God, that the Book of Mormon is a true testament of Christ, and that my Heavenly Father loves me.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

The Book of Mormon is full of stories and the history of the people that lived here in the Americas before, during, and after the birth of Christ. It was upheld by the prophets of the times and was handed down for generations. While reading the Book of Mormon, I have learned a lot about the nature of God. The thing that is most evident from reading this book of scripture is how much God loves His children. There are so many stories where all He wants is for them to live a happy and righteous life, and then He will pour His blessings upon the people. I have learned that this is all He wants for me as well. All He wants is for me to follow His commandments and live a happy, righteous life. If I do that, I will be blessed more than I can imagine. Also, while reading the Book of Mormon, I can feel the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father sometimes speaks to me through the Holy Ghost. When I read, I can feel Him comforting me, guiding me, strengthening me, and teaching me. If I read, listen to the Holy Ghost, and take the things I read into my heart, I am happier, hopeful, and confident, because I know what my God wants me to do. And I will do it with faith.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by consistently trying to become better, so that I can become like my older brother, Jesus Christ, and so that I can live with my Heavenly Father again. I constantly pray, because I know that I can't ever do it alone. I read the Book of Mormon to learn from the prophets of old. I attend my church meetings to learn from my church leaders and peers. I participate in my ward so that maybe, I can help someone else. I currently help with the Sunday School organization in my ward by organizing the classes and teachers. It has been a learning experience for me to lead these teachers and I have enjoyed it. I am a very inexperienced teacher, but I learn so much when I am teaching and helping those around me to become better people themselves. We are all striving for the same things, and we strive together. We all want to be better and to live with our Heavenly Father. We help each other to get there. We all teach and learn together.