Lydia: Mormon.

Hi I'm Lydia

About Me

To put it simply, there are a vast array of things that make me who I am. I love road bikes, participating in triathlons, learning, strenthening others (physically and spiritually), surrounding myself with those I love, and simply smiling, whistling, and laughing. I am someone who loves to look at life on the positive side. When life is hard, I find the good within it because it is always there. I strive to be who my Heavenly Father wants me to be. I live my life as a disciple of Jesus Christ by being one of His missionaries in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission. Because of Christ and by being a member of His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I know I can always have happiness in life.

Why I am a Mormon

Why do we do the things we do in this life? We do them because they make us happy. That is what we live and breath for, to be happy. That's why I'm a Mormon, because it makes me happy. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has brought me the greatest joy that I have had and it has helped me throughout all aspects of my life. Without the knowledge I have received from this Gospel, it makes me shiver just thinking of where I would be without it. Because of this knowledge, I have been able to see the light in the darkest moments of life. Christ was always there at my side, urging me on. This church allows me to act for myself and choose what I believe will best benefit my life, which ultimately are the things the church has appointed us to do. This is a church for ALL people, not just for certain individuals. The only way you can find out for yourself if it is the true church is to pray. God will not withhold information from you and He will not and cannot lie. You can ask Him any question your heart desires and if done so with faith and through the name of Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father will answer your questions. I know this to be true because I do it constantly, so give it a shot! :)

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

My prayers have been answered in a vast amount of ways, whether it's a small prayer or one that is life altering. For example, I recently graduated from college, but before doing so I changed majors. This may not sound unusual, but after being in a major for four year and almost being done, this is a little different. I felt like this was the wrong major and that it wasn't what I should have been doing; it actually felt wrong almost from the start. Long story short, I prayed what I should do with my life and after much prayer, contemplation, and scripture study, I received an answer I could not deny. I dropped the major, graduated, and now I'm going to school for a masters in a completely different field of study. I have a testimony of prayer and how you can receive answers to the simplest and most complex situations; you just need to have faith that you will receive an answer. You must also be keen to look for those answers because sometimes they are answered without you being aware of it. Recognize the way you feel while you pray. If you have feelings of peace and joy, that is the Holy Ghost testifying to you that what you are praying about is true or correct. If otherwise, then it is not correct. Know your Heavenly Father loves you and is aware of your situations. He is at your side through all times of your life even if it may not seem like it. Pray for assistance and through your faith, He will send someone or something to guide you; I know He will.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Let me answer this question with another question. If you had a knowledge of how every person could be happy for eternity, wouldn't you want to share it with every person you saw? As a current missionary, Mormons go on missions because they have a sure knowledge that the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Within this knowlegde, is something called the Plan of Salvation, or The Plan of Happiness. Jesus Christ is central to this message and all the other messages we missionaires share. Missionaries are called to all parts of the world because we would like all men, women, and children of the world to have the opportunity to either accept or reject our message. All missionaries have been called by a modern-day prophet (like those of old (Adam, Noah, Moses, etc.)) and have been given the authority to teach the gospel. So, in short, we, as missionaries, know what we teach is true and life changing and we want all to learn about it. This is why Mormons go on missions.

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

If you were to be invited months in advance to give a speech to the nations and you procrastinated writing your speech until the day you were to make the address, you would feel foolish as you stumbled over your words. That is the same case with returning to God; He gave us the invitation to come back to Him and if we do nothing to prepare to meet Him, we will feel foolish for doing nothing. Throughout the Book of Mormon it clearly states that this life is the time to prepare to meet God, our loving Heavenly Father. Life isn't all about having fun with friends, getting an education, and having a nice job; yes, those are all great things to do and have, but life is about becoming more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. We must look outward and help our fellow brothers and sisters when they are in need. We must turn to the Lord when we find trials upon us. We must remember that we are children of the Most High, who have the potential to become like Him. So do not procrastinate the day of your repentance and preparation to meet God. Prepare day by day, hour by hour.

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

The easiest answer for this question is: when we recognize the blessings that come from making a decision and we feel that what we have done is what our Heavenly Father is what he would have us do, meaning we feel good, then we have made a right decision. The more we recognize those feelings and blessings, the more we will understand what is right and what is wrong.

How I live my faith

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we are given the opportunity to serve others, both within and outside of the church. Currently, I am serving an 18-month mission for the church in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission, where I go about my day, with a companion, teaching people more about what we believe and how they can come closer to Christ. This is all I do during these 18-months (18 months for females and 24 for males); no work, no pay, no schooling, no dating, and so forth. It has been the most rewarding experience thus far in my life and I love everything about it!! Faith is a principle of action, so to have faith, you must do something. Living by faith is a day-by-day event. Every choice we make, (well, not so much the minor choices like what we eat and what-not) directly affects our eternal salvation. So long as we make our decisions upon what our Father in Heaven would like us to do, then we won't have to worry what happens to us, whether it be good or bad. This is how I live my faith; relying upon the Father and trying to align my will with His.