Erik: sports, student, Mormon.

Hi I'm Erik

About Me

I am 25 years old. I attend Brigham Young University (BYU) and study Economics. I graduate next April which is cool. I like all sports, both watching and playing them. I love to travel and have been all over Europe. I hope to be able to continue traveling throughout my life. I plan on finding a career where I can put my knowledge of economics and government to good use helping people.

Why I am a Mormon

In short, I believe it to be true. I believe in God. I believe that not only does he exist, but he is aware of each and every one of us. Wherever we are, and in whatever situation we find ourselves, he is ready to help. I believe that Jesus Christ is His son, and that he really did live and die for us. I believe that His Gospel was restored through a modern prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. I believe that to him many wonderful truths were revealed that can help us be happy both now and forever. I believe in eternal families, something unique to the Mormon faith. That we can maintain our relationships even after we die. I believe that because God lives and he loves us, he speaks to a living prophet on the Earth today. Someone who is able to guide us through not only our personal problems but the ones our world faces. I believe it because of the way I feel when I live the Restored Gospel. When I ponder over and study its principles a feeling of peace and love come into my heart and mind. That is why I'm a Mormon.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

The Book of Mormon has taught me things that make me happier when I apply them. Service and charity are a couple of them. When I serve others I am happy knowing that I am able to help another one of God's children. The spirit I feel while reading the Book of Mormon makes each day better. It is a unique and special book with a unique and special power. It gives me answers to many of the questions I have in life and provides me with direction.

How I live my faith

One of my favorite things about the Church is that it has given me lots of opportunities to help people. I've had positions in the Church in teach people preparing to serve missions in both English and Italian and I've been able to plan activities and events to serve people in need. It helps me become a better person. I love serving people, especially those that can't do things for themselves. I have been blessed with a lot and I hope to give even more back. I believe in always being ready and willing to lend a helping hand.