Domingo: Mormon.

Hi I'm Domingo

About Me

I served a full time mission in Philippines Baguio Mission (1989-1991).Married at the Philippines Manila Temple in 1993 and with 5 children. Worked as Quality Control Technician, Power Plant Engineer,Quality Auditor,Building & Facility Consultant,Plant Operations & Maintenance In Charge.I work now in the Temple.

Why I am a Mormon

i was 11 years old then and my mother and older siblings were baptized ahead of us(my younger brother).The missionary can't catch with us playing as they taught the discussion.I can remember though the first time my mother bring us along with them as they attended the meetinghouse of their "new church"! I was surprised, my mother was the teacher! i never thought my mother-a plain housewife,so new to this church and is teaching in a class called "primary".I was baptized a short time later upon my mother's prodding.How grateful i am to have my mother leading the way.

Personal Stories

Could you talk about your baptism?

I was 11, from school, my mother told me that next day i will be interviewed and that i have to fast- not eating and no drinking! My first ever interview left an indelible memory,i recieved gospel knowledge so simple and easy for me to understand.I feel good right after and ready for baptism the next day. It was early Saturday morning,at a beach , a walk from our house, i was baptized together with my brother.I cannot forget it for the feeling of goodness just filled me as soon i got raised out from the sea. With the feeling of gladness to see members and family members welcoming me.

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

The mission of the church is to invite people to come unto Christ by obedience to the principle and ordinances of HisGospel.This is done through missionary work , through church activities, and through temple work done for the dead in the temple. In a way i feel humbled that i have served a full time mission, participated in church activities and done work for my dead ancestors and relatives at the temple.

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

The best way to share the gospel with my friends and work associates is by being myself-that is living who i am. When feel prompted, i would open a discussion related to the Church beliefs and doctrine and let them know that they too can know of these things by having missionaries visit them.

How I live my faith

I have serve in the branch as counsellor and involve with the young men activities. I have just been called to teach the adult men's class and and as the president of the organization in the local unit where we live