Christy: Mormon.

Hi I'm Christy

About Me

Hi! I am a wife and mother of three sons, a student currently in a masters program to get my Master of Science in Organizational Leadership as well as the Director of Public Affairs for the church in a great community in Southern California. I also have two Bachelors degrees in Behavioral Studies and English Lit. I've been going to school for over 10 years now. I love learning! But I also want to be done so I can get more involved in making this world a better place. I balance my life between home, school and church. It's a complicated life but it has taught me to let the little petty things go so I can do more for, and with others. I have learned that developing myself and my family mentally, emotionally and spiritually is just as important as taking care of the physical logistics in life. I am grateful for life and the challenges that come my way so I can learn new skills and abilities.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have found there is no other way of life on this earth that will help me and my family to be the best and happiest we can be. The teachings of the LDS church help me to be free from being controlled by so many things that control others who don't live by its standards, such as, addictions, obsessions, uncontrollable feelings, and inappropriate thoughts and actions; all of which can harm myself and others. It consistently redirects my life to be one of forgiveness, repentance, understanding, learning, growing, loving, giving, hope and faith. I have found that there is no other church that offers the ability to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to guide and direct my life, which is given through the power of the Priesthood from God. The Holy Ghost and my Savior, Jesus Christ, are my most cherished beloved gifts from my loving Heavenly Father. They along with the scriptures, the temple and gospel lessons that give me knowledge about why I'm here on earth, the people at church I get to serve and be served by, the constant nurturing and protection I receive from the power of the Priesthood and the Relief Society Sisterhood are amazing to behold. I know and feel it in my veins that it is true. I am a better woman because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, with hope for becoming even more like my Savior, along with my family. Why would I choose anything else?

Personal Stories

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

The gift and blessing of fortitude has come out of my having faith in Jesus Christ. His example of great patience and endurance, while exemplifying grace under pressure, has incrementally become a part of who I am as I turn to Him for comfort, strength and courage in times of trial. Out of that patience and endurance has come that fortitude which has given me the strength to endure pain or adversity with courage, and a greater show of resilient character; gaining greater ability to not shrink in respectful actions toward myself or others despite the circumstances. I know that out of such has and will come a grateful heart when the trial has been overcome or is over. Along with deliverance, greater faith has and will continue to come; hope having been answered kindly with mercy after all I can do. Jesus Christ has taught me that fortitude is a better companion than despair; helping me to solve problems along the way or to just let them go. Without Him I am weak, but by turning to Him and doing as I am prompted in my heart and mind to do, by God, I am made strong. The easy pathway is to run from problems. My Savior asks me instead to face my problems head on, just as He did, as He gives me knowledge, understanding and strength as I do. These are the blessings of knowing and believing in Jesus Christ.

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

Every time I read The Book of Mormon I apply it to my life. It gives me answers on who I am and how I should handle situations and solve problems, and isn't that the purpose of life? To discover what role we are to play while we are here, gain new skills and abilities through situations, and gain faith in something greater than ourselves in order to solve problems? The Book of Mormon helps me to do that as it directs my life for good. It consistently gives examples of problems that came to individuals and groups who either chose God's way or another way of solving those problems, and the consequences that ensued. Through the Book of Mormon I get to learn from those good and bad consequences and find support in the good choices I make. What a blessing! Through the Book of Mormon and the Spirit, a kind and loving Heavenly Father feeds my soul, calms my anxieties and strengthens my resolve; teaching me what to do, say, think and feel when problems come my way.

How I live my faith

I am currently lucky enough to serve my church and community in a dual role that is designed to serve both. Being the Director of Public Affairs I get to be involved in community and Interfaith events that pull people of different faiths together in our community for service. I recently helped my son to develop an event for his Eagle Scout Project in conjunction with Public Affairs and other faiths from our local Interfaith Association. Together we created an committee to plan a positive interfaith event to take place on 9/11 in our community. It was incredible and inspiring to work, side-by-side with 130 Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Methodists, Protestants and Mormons in order to change the meaning and purpose of 9/11 to one of building up, instead of tearing down. We worked together to help improve the grounds of the local Jewish Synagogue and Methodist Church, that just happen to be, incredibly, on the same lot. We were able to get the event in the paper showing Muslims plowing in front of a Jewish Synagogue. Because of this event in our community, people are beginning to open up their hearts to good and righteous people of different faiths. I live my faith by seeking to build relationships of respect, love, charity and understanding between others, no matter who they are, in order to make this world a better place.