Andrew: Mormon.

Hi I'm Andrew

About Me

I'm a father of five who rejoices in the blessings God sends my way particularly in the form of my lovely wife and wonderful kids. That's what I am. What I do is another matter. In that category I'm a software engineer in Colorado Springs. That's fun too but I try to keep the perspective that I'm a father first and the job is to support that role. When I get some free time I also enjoy chess, reading, studying Japanese, singing, laughing, talking, walking, biking and living.

Why I am a Mormon

The main reason is simple. The LDS faith and doctrine make me happy. Every time I've looked at another religious belief system I find it to come up short when compared to the fullness of Christs gospel found in the LDS church. Like any organization run by and made up of human beings the LDS church has its quirks, faults and problems but the doctrines resonate with truth and the power of God.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

Every time I read it I feel God closer to me. I feel God more in my life and I understand Him more. The Book of Mormon also helps me understand the Bible.

How I live my faith

Line upon line, precept by precept. I'm far from perfect and can be downright bad at times but I am improving steadily thru God's grace. The pattern that was set by Jesus works. Faith in Jesus and His power to save; this leads to repentance i.e. a deep desire to be better; this is followed by a commitment or promise to follow e.g. baptism or taking the sacrament; then comes the Holy Ghost and Gods grace to let us know we're on the right track and to help us follow the path shown by the savior Jesus Christ. He overcame the world but also shows us how to both overcome (the world) and to become (one with the Father). As we by His grace overcome the natural tendency to evil we become more and more His; His disciple, His child, until we can be one with Him.