What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Kyle

I'm a cancer survivor, a college student, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm undecided in a major, learning a lot about what I want in life. I like to read and write, and learn from both. I love to be in the mountains and hang out with friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I have learned through experiences that God is a definite being that both hears and responds to me. Just like with any other relationship, I have taken time to speak to Him, and tried my best to listen. I have confidence in God, I know that He loves us enough to give us the right answers. He first had to teach me how to understand His answers, but know that I recognize them, I know that this is a church He Himself has organized to better guide His children.

How I live my faith

God expects us to live our religion in every part of our life, not only when we go to church on Sunday. During the week I participate in youth activities when I can. On Monday nights we spend time as a family, reading the scriptures, playing games or things like that. We try to go out at least once a month to visit people. Sometimes they come to church, sometimes they don't. We talk and try to support them if they are going through challenges in their lives. It's another opportunity for me to think about other people, and less about myself.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

When we die, our bodies remain here on earth, but our spirit still lives, and God has a place prepared for all of us. The Book of Mormon says, "the spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are taken home to that God who gave them life." -Alma 40:11. We live in a "spirit world" for a time, until the day when our body and spirit are reunited (known as the resurrection), just like when Jesus Christ came back to life three days after His death. Because Jesus Christ was resurrected, we believe that eventually everybody, the good and the bad, will be resurrected to perfect bodies. Then we stand before Jesus Christ to be judged of our works and desires. Jesus Christ is literally our brother. He knows us very well, and we knew Him before we were born. So when we are judged, it's going to be a very personal thing. He understands everything difficult in life we go through. He taught the way to overcome sin. Our eternal happiness is very important to Him. According to the commitment we had to follow Him in our mortal life, we will separate into different "kingdoms." We will live with people who are like us. If we didn't care about following commandments, we will be with those who also didn't care. If we are worthy, we will be able to live with God and with our families forever. That's why Mormon's focus so much on the family. Our goal is to have parents and children who all followed Jesus Christ and can live forever as a family, and part of God's family. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

No. It is a personal decision, and only available to certain people. Young men between the ages of 19-25 are encouraged to serve a mission. Young women over the age of 21 may serve if they desire, but are not necessarily encouraged to do so. Older couples who no longer have family responsibilities also have the opportunity to serve as full-time missionaries if they desire. Show more Show less