Jayce: Mormon.

Hi I'm Jayce

About Me

I have been married for about a year and a half, and I am currently finishing up my last undergraduate year of college with my sweet wife. I returned from an LDS mission a few years ago to Africa and fell in love with the African people, as well as the food. Ever heard of Fufu before? It's great! I love my wife, human physiology, emergency medicine, hiking, camping, rollerblading, panda express, and especially being a mormon!

Why I am a Mormon

Why would I not be a Mormon?! Everything in my life which is good and meaningful has come as a result of my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and my faith in Jesus Christ. I have been provided with a strength, happiness, and perspective on life which can not be found anywhere else.

Personal Stories

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

God has commanded that His Gospel should be preached to all of His children. Therefore as members of the Church we have a sacred duty to spread the Gospel. Their are over 50,000 LDS missionaries and about 344 missions all over the world. I served in the Ghana Cape Coast mission, that's in Africa. Don't worry, I had no idea where Ghana was either when I opened my call letter telling me where I would be serving. Although I didn't know anyone in Africa before going there, I fell in love with the people quickly. The Ghanaian people are full of faith and many of them were ready for the truth, they just didn't know where to find it until we came along.

How I live my faith

I try to become more like the Savior everyday.