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Hi I'm Carlos

I'm a Canadian with a total of 5 names, I love the colour orange, I also laugh in my sleep, and guess what!? I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am a 21 year old Latin American Canadian currently serving a mission in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I was born of goodly parents who have taught me the value of maintaining a strong, happy, and loving family through the Gospel of Christ and moral values. I am a HUGE fan of Beauty and the Beast and I also really love great books like The Count of Monte Cristo, LotR and The Little Prince. I also have a deep appreciation for artists, poets, cheesy shows, and I love chick flicks! ANYWAYS, a great ambition in my life was to become a video game designer or famous musician. I really love music and art, however, recently my greatest desire is to become a greater disciple of my Lord Jesus Christ, all because having Eternal Life with my family greatly outweighs that of reaching the honors and temporal praises of men. I am a paradox that tends to follow an impossible reality, but I believe in the power of faith in Jesus Christ that allows us to begin a life long journey of joy, prowess and accomplishment. I love the challenge of trying to go an extra mile (or two), and in spite of all my failures, I truly believe that God has given us the capacity as His children to accomplish all the desires of our heart. Therefore, we must be keen in discerning what is most important, for the Savior said, "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Why I am a Mormon

Well yes, I was born into the church; now that's not to say I couldn't have my own conversion story. I've been quite an awkward sort o' lad growing up, I've been very self-conscious and frankly it seems like the worst enemy in my journeying has been my own mind. Things seem to make sense backwards for me and sadly it has gotten me into a lot of trouble. I can say I believed things were true growing up, it all seemed to make sense. I even had the privilege of feeling the Spirit burn so deeply in my heart and clarify my mind as to know that it was. Yet, as a teenager I never wanted to feel obligated to change my ways, and repentance always brought the greatest dread upon my soul. I found myself being beckoned by two opposing forces: God my Heavenly Father and the adversary of all things pleasant. It has taken time, but I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is very real, and it has healed a heart as broken and empty as was mine. I had no love for myself, nor could I give any in return, but what has filled the depths of an all consuming, darkened and putrid soul was the infinitely giving love of Jesus Christ. I am out here as a missionary in Pennsylvania because I know that Christ has payed the debt of our sins in full; that we can partake in the fullness of salvation through faith in Christ, repentance and covenants such as baptism. It is because the Gospel of Jesus Christ has provided a lasting change in my heart and has brought me a true happiness that I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to show love and respect to all those that surround me. I feel if God shows me so much unconditional love, then I too must at least strive to show others that same love at my own capacity. Smiling and laughing have been great comforting tools in strengthening and living my walk of faith, although to put on the full armor of God, scriptures and constant prayer (whether formal or informal) are my greatest reinforcement. I am eternally grateful for those tender mercies that the Lord has provided His children. So more than actually nurturing myself, if I do something more for those all around me, God sends through the Holy Spirit the gift of faith, which seems to allow my faith to take leaps and bounds far beyond what I would accomplish on my own power. If I can't be who my Heavenly Father expects me to be, and show it forth, then all of my efforts may as well be in vain. Overall, I desire to make the effort to counsel with the Lord in all I do, and to ultimately place the affections of my heart unto Him, (Alma 37: 36-37) because I know that He will give me a greater happiness if I do things according to His will.