Frank : Mormon.

Hi I'm Frank

About Me

Travel around the world is definitely my favorite thing to do, watch movies, take pictures of beautiful scenes, listen to music, play volleyball and tennis, make healthy delicious food, hang out with friends, try out different cuisine. I have lived, studied and worked in 4 continents and speak fluent in Chinese, English, and German.

Why I am a Mormon

While I was young, I had been always curious of the meaning of life and why we had to act who we were. Under the education in my home country, I was taught for many years that there was no God and life was just a short trip. We would die in dust and there was no life afterwards. I never understood if there was no God why I had to live in this world. I refused to believe that the family will be apart after we die. Searching for the true meaning of life was the rope that helped me to be connected with the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Now I am a happier person with the knowledge that we are in the plan of Salvation of God and someday we will return to Him with all of our loved ones.

Personal Stories

Could you talk about your baptism?

After graduating from high school in China, I went to study the German language in Germany in 2001. While there, I met LDS missionaries in April 2002. Before I met them, I wasn’t certain of my purpose in life or the goals that I wanted to achieve. The Gospel of Jesus Christ that the missionaries shared with me indeed changed my life and gave me great hope. I was so amazed how the prophet Joseph Smith went to the sacred grove and sincerely asked God about the truth. It took me a while to accept the truth because I came from a country without any beliefs. However, I prayed about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and I received the answer from the Holy Spirit. I knew then it was time to accept the truth. Although it was tough for me to make that life-changing decision, I knew if I put God first, everything would fall in place with His blessings. I was baptized on the 20th of July 2002 in Germany. It was one of the most beautiful days in my memory.  

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

There are thousands of young full-time missionaries out there to preach the gospel and try to share their testimony and happiness with our Heavenly Father's children around the world. I served my mission in Brisbane, Australia for 2 years. After mission, I continue to help with missionary work by living the way I am supposed to live. I am not afraid or shamed to introduce myself to my friends and the people who I work with as a mormon. I tried to answer all of their questions and misunderstanding about our faith in my best knowledge.

How I live my faith

Strive to be Christlike with good moral standards is the way I try to live in. Often, my nonmember friends said I was a devoted Mormon that would never compromise my standards. They say I am a very happy and cheerful person.