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Hi I'm Gerald

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My wife and I are both from pioneer heritage, making our children unique in the Church. Except for my paternal grandmother, our children are sixth or seventh generation members of the Church on all other lines. Early in our marriage, we had difficulty having children but were finally blessed with eight. I work as a Professional Agrologist in Agronomy and thoroughly love what I do.

Why I am a Mormon

Although having been raised LDS, I was taught at an early age to determine for myself if the gospel was true. As I learned, studied, read the scriptures and prayed, I felt a warm burning in my soul that confirmed to me that these things are true. It is within the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that I have found the answers to life's most challenging questions. I once had a coworker who asked several questions and I was able to provide answers from what I had learned, often with scriptural support. She was a Minister's daughter and had attended her church college. She told me that the questions that she had asked me were the same ones that she had asked of her professors at college. She wanted to know why I was able to give her answers to her questions when her professors were not. I told her that it was because I was the beneficiary of having received the restored gospel with living prophets who provided us with those answers to life's questions.  

How I live my faith

Mormonism is not a "just for Sunday" religion. It is a commitment and a lifestyle that we live every day. I am committed as a disciple of Jesus Christ to live the best that I can, striving to overcome my human weaknesses, asking for His forgiveness as needed, and for the strength to do what is right in all things. I have had the privilege of teaching the gospel to people of all ages and one of the greatest delights is to see the sparkle in their eyes when their hearts are touched by the Holy Ghost and they come to know that these principles are true and they make a commitment to live those principles themselves.