David: Haas, Truck Driver, Southworth, Mormon.

Hi I'm David

About Me

When I was 19 I had what I call a very bad expertness with the church. I turned and walked away and did not think I would ever return to it. Everything a man can do wrong it seemed as if I did it. I went from one relationship to another. I have been married five times and divorced four times. In one marriage it was to a woman that had five kids. After their mother and I had been marred for a very short time I adopted all five of the kids. At one point I had a nerves brake down and became a big disappointment to the kids. I have scent gotten help and married a really awesome women and I have my daughter. I have now married my wife in the Temple and someday I hope to have at less my daughter ceiled to me as will. Coming back to the church is the best thing I have ever done. Now that I am retired my wife and I have been talking about going on a two year mission. We did our paper work and we just found out that has been sent to Salt Lake City Utah to prose us for are mission. T had started to work to go on a mission back when I was eighteen but because of some things happening to me when I was 19 I did not make it. Now it is looking like the promise I made to God and Jesus I will get to finish it. So happy I got another chance.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born 04/28/1952 and raised in the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City. But with that said I can say now that I have only been a member for the last five years. From the time I was nineteen I have look for something that was missing in my life. In 1990 we moved from Salt Lake and came to Port Orchard Washington. I have lived here ever scents. Five years ago my legs gave out on me and I no longer could drive truck for a living. I was now feeling like I was missing something even more in my life. Donna my wife had been going to church and had even been baptized. I did not get to be the one that did that and I knew then what I was missing. My god was out of my life and so was my faith. It has been an uphill climb but each day I believe I am getting closer to my eternal life with my father. The only way I can get there I truly know is threw my faith as a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith in doing the things the church has told me to do not for the church but for all the people I know. I go out whenever we have a church project. Most the time that is 2 hours on a Saturday morning. It may be helping a family move or helping with some yard work or one of the ones I really enjoy is cutting wood for the church stock. We do that for family that may need some help with heating in the winter time. I may just give some calls to check on people in are community. In some cases it is just going and lending a helping hand to someone that needs it. Are church says we should help all our brothers and sisters. Even if they are not members. I do my best to do just that in any way that I can.I also enjoy my calling as a part time teacher to are ward High Priest group. I am learning more than I am teaching with every lesson I give I get blessing from this and that is more then I ask for.