Ben: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ben

About Me

I just recently returned from serving a two-year mission in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. I am currently attending college and planning to study music. I like to play the piano I like listening to, writing, and recording music (unprofessionally). That's mostly what I do in my free time.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, my parents were LDS so I was born into an LDS family. I always knew it was good and blessed me, but I wasn't always sure it was "true". I didn't know if everything I had learned was really right, but I knew it was good, and that when I lived the teachings, I was happy. However, I had my doubts. Eventually, I had to gain my own testimony. This came through truly reading and pondering the Book of Mormon, and asking God with a sincere heart to know if it is what it claims to be: scripture translated by a modern-day prophet of God. I received my answer, and know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the book is true. This is more precious to me than any logic that could prove it to be so. Through that witness I also know that this truly is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ brought to the earth today for our own benefit. I know these things spiritually, which is a great blessing to me.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Prayer is so very very important. I think my answer is much more beautifully described by a man named James E. Talmage, who was an apostle of the Lord. He says: “It is well to know that prayer is not compounded of words, words that may fail to express what one desires to say, words that so often cloak inconsistencies, words that may have no deeper source than the physical organs of speech, words that may be spoken to impress mortal ears. The dumb may pray, and that too with the eloquence that prevails in heaven. Prayer is made up of heart throbs and the righteous yearnings of the soul, of supplication based on the realization of need, of contrition and pure desire. If there lives a man who has never really prayed, that man is a being apart from the order of the divine in human nature, a stranger in the family of God’s children. Prayer is for the uplifting of the suppliant. God without our prayers would be God; but we without prayer cannot be admitted to the kingdom of God.” True prayer brings us closer to our Father in Heaven and helps us realize more fully and in an inexpressible way His love for us and our relationship as his child. We come to know that God knows us personally. As we put faith in Him, we receive answers. Sometimes the answer is NO! But He reaches out to us when we reach out to Him. Without prayer, I would know nothing of God. I would not know the truthfulness of the restored gospel. Through prayer we are lifted to be more than ourselves. It is a process and it happens overtime, but it's real.

How I live my faith

Most recently, I just finished a two-year mission for the church. I have been back almost a month.