David: BYU-I, Run, Computer, Engineer, Student, Mormon.

Hi I'm David

About Me

I'm just about to finish school at BYU-Idaho. I'm studying Computer Engineering and after I graduate I'd like to work for a company that designs integrated circuits. I spend all my time with family and friends usually doing random spur-of-the-moment things. I laugh at everything, seriously everything.

Why I am a Mormon

I am one of the many who grew up in the church in an incredible family. I've always been able to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ really heals and repairs the adversities of life. I know that I have a purpose in this life. The Book of Mormon, the Bible, and living Prophets and Apostles today help me to recognize who I can become and how I can reach that goal. Without that guidance, I would feel empty and I'd be lost.

Personal Stories

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

My purpose in this life is to return to live with God again, to learn here, to change, to grow. While reading The Book of Mormon I've come to realize the power it contains. It is the word of God and I know so because of the changes it has caused me to make. Changes that I didn't even know I was making. Less irritable, more charitable, less uncaring, and more patient. The Book of Mormon teaches us about God clearly and changes people to be more Christlike.

How I live my faith

I try to spend all my free time doing things that are of eternal value. This is why I spend a lot of time with family and close friends. I try go to the temple as often as possible to do ordinances for others who have passed on. I try to magnify obligations I have in my ward. I also try to study scriptures everyday to better my understanding of the Savior and His teachings.