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Hi I'm Tom

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am first a Christian, then a husband and father of 4 children, 2 that we had naturally and 2 that we adopted. I am in sales and manage 5 reps. I dream about running my own business one day. I also want to run for the local school board. I really feel passionate about helping the youth graduate from High School with a clear direction about their future.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I was raised and baptized at a young age into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I really was just going through the motions as a youth. Until one day, after having a typical teenage downer of a day, I walked to a local park and started to swing. While swinging, I started to pray. I was unsure of my direction in life and felt like I needed to know if there really was a God and if he knew of my existence. By the time I had finished my prayer, I was no longer swinging, just lost in thought, when a breeze of air started to blow and I felt goose bumps run all through my body. Tears began to fall and I knew right then that God was real and that He knew me personally. From that moment on, my life had direction and I had more and more of those experiences confirming the truth of His existence, the truth of His Son Jesus Christ, that He Lives and is my Saviour and that the two of them appeared to Joseph Smith in 1820 and through him, brought back the Church of Jesus Christ in it's fullness. Joseph Smith was also tasked with translating the Book of Mormon so that we could have an additional witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ and of his mission. I know that the feelings described above are the way that God tells me the truth. I have since learned that these feelings are the Holy Ghost letting me know of that truth. It is available to everyone. I have had way too many of these experiences over my life to simply pass them off as a passing fancy. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he lived, served, blessed, atoned, died and was resurrected and that He lives today. I know that through Christ I too can live again and one day return to the presence of God our Eternal Father.

How I live my faith

Whether in the church or out of the church, I feel that living my faith is a daily, hourly task. I currently teach six 5 year old boys. You can imagine how that goes. We meet every Sunday and we talk about their little lives and how Jesus can help them be the best 5 year old's ever. I love meeting with them. They actually teach me and make me want to be better. I think about them all week. Because of my experiences above, I feel determined to live as clean a life as I can. To some this may seem over the top. But I feel my approach is honest and I don't impose it. I try and read my scriptures daily. I pray several times a day...in the car, at my bedside, with my family, at meal times. I try to think of others during my prayers. I visit with other folks in our congregation to check on them and make sure they are doing okay. One of my families I visit just lost his job, another is struggling with cancer. I feel for them and offer my services as best I can. Occasionally I assist the missionaries (you know the boys with white shirts and ties that go around town sharing the message of Jesus?) with their visits and teaching appointments. Other than that, I just try and live the golden rule.