Josh: Mormon.

Hi I'm Josh

About Me

My favorite things to do are playing my guitars, listening to music, and going to concerts. And i love to sing. Music is a big part in my life. I love water sports. Boating, wave running, wake boarding, and tubing. The mountains are my favorite place in the world. I love camping in them and exploring the many hiking trails, or even if there isn't a trail i still explore.

Why I am a Mormon

Before i really cared about being a mormon i didn't care much about what my family thought was best for me. I just wanted to do my own thing because it was my life and it was my choice what i was to do with it. But later it really woke me up when i finally saw how much pain i was causing my family. I decided to fix everything and get my life straight. After a long time i was finally forgiven and my family and I got so much closer. I even had the opportunity to go to a big youth activity soon after. It was there that i felt the Spirit tell me that this is real. I know that this is Gods true church. It brings so much love in the home and you constantly feel Gods love for you. I testify of this. Knowing this helps me get through everyday even when there is a rough day. And life is full of those. It also comforts me to know that everything will be okay as long as i am good.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel.

God loves all of us. He is our Father. One way god shows His love for us is He puts us into families to learn and grow together. Another way is He has always called prophets to tell us what we need to do to return to Him, because He wants us to return to Him. Anther way is He sent His son Jesus Christ to make it possible for us to become clean from all our wrong doings. After Christ died his set gospel was lost. But because God loves us, He made it possible again to follow Him. He called a boy named Joseph Smith to be another prophet to restore all the truths we need to return to Him again. God has again restored His church and i know that this is true. I know that i can continually repent and become clean from all my miss deeds.

How I live my faith

I love this gospel so much that i decided to serve the Lord by going on a mission. To leave home for 2 years of my life to share what i know with others. I am serving in Jacksonville, Florida and all the cities around it. You probably see us going around on our bikes wearing white shirts and ties. I run into so many people who want to change their lives. We help these people by sharing a message of comfort and it changes a lot of peoples lives. We also look for other kinds of service. whether someone needs to paint there house or just need there garbage taken out. We are always looking for opportunities to help others.