Linda: Mormon.

Hi I'm Linda

About Me

I'm a mother of 6 boys. I work for an insurance agent. I have 7 grandchildren. My youngest son recently married and baptized his wife. My oldest son is a bit like Laman. But I have hope for him. It has been great to have daughters-in-law. I am currently a cub scout den leader and just completed Woodbadge training - which was wonderful. I have Arthritis and have had lots of surgeries for that and other things. I was adopted when I was almost 6 and met many members of my birth family after I was an adult. I enjoy geneology, canning, sewing, making jewelry, singing and rendezvousing (and many other things).

Why I am a Mormon

My mother remarried and the two of us moved to a new state when I was a senior in high school. He was a Mormon and he had the missionaries come teach us after they married. Their message resonated with us both and we were baptized within a few weeks. Knowing about a Heavenly Father and elder brother who care about me as a person they know and love has made a big difference in my life. Every time I receive a blessing for a new assignment or for healing, I am given special insights into this love and my purposes here on this earth. It keeps me focused on trying to be a worthy daughter of a royal parent and helping my family understand who they are and why it matters. I know that I can be forgiven for my mistakes and that I can freely forgive others for theirs. The daily use of forgiveness has enabled me to love better and more and to remember how much Father and Jesus Christ love ALL their children and want to forgive them. I can't imagine living without that understanding or their love.

Personal Stories

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

Every time we make a right choice, we are strengthened. That makes it easier to choose correctly the next time. We see the results of our good choices and that makes it more appealing to choose the right. We see the good we can do for other people when we choose well. They show us increased love and that love adds to the love we already feel from the Savior and Heavenly Father. Making right choices makes us better people. Good people naturally attract other people who are looking for good in their life. As we surround ourselves with good people, it becomes easier to make good choices. As we notice the good choices of our friends and family, we have a greater desire to make the same kinds of choices - especially when we see their happiness and the peace which comes from righteous living. When we are happy and have peace, it is ever easier to make the choices that will keep these things in our lives. It's a lot like exercise. At first it kind of hurts and is hard. As you do more of it, your ability to do it increases (muscles build) and it becomes easier. The more exercise you do regularly, the better you feel. And who doesn't want to feel better?

What is hope and what do you hope for?

About discouragement. I've been there - a lot. But I keep on keeping on. One of the ways I do that is to remember some of the miracles that have happened in my life and the blessings the Lord has given me. There are a few experiences I have had that make it impossible for me to deny the truth. But they didn't come quickly or easily. It is hope that leads to testimony. It is hope that leads to righteousness. If we do not hope, we do not care and do not strive for truth. While I have a testimony of my Savior, and I have some real personal revelations, it is hope that keeps me going. I hope that doing the right things and serving the Lord will, indeed, lead to salvation. It is hope that keeps me working on myself so that I can help my children and husband attain righteousness. It is hope that I will eventually be embraced in the arms of my savior that keeps me trying to be worthy to deserve it. Hope that this is all real is what keeps me striving to make it real. And then, even if it isn't real, I will be a better person and have a happier life and help more people if I am trying to be righteous. When I wasn't living correctly, many things were easier, but I wasn't happy at all. Now, even though many things are difficult, the times of happiness and feeling I'm going the right way are worth the struggle - mainly because of that hope.

How I live my faith

I am currently a cub scout den leader in our church. It is such fun to work with the boys - something I never was asked to do when my own boys were young. I have mostly been asked to work with the youth, including young women and have been blessed to be able to know many wonderful kids and see them progress. I have been a visiting teacher for many years and been able to help many women feel connected to the church and the women there. Through the years, I have served in many positions and found that the Lord gives me the talents or abilities I need for each one. This has made me a better person and helped me to enrich the lives of others. I have done a lot of community volunteer work both with the church and with my employment and love to see how we can make a real difference for people who are struggling or grieving with very little and simple things. I am trying to be more Christ-centered in my life. That means being constantly aware of what God wants me to be, to do, and to become. It means looking for ways to build people up and support them in their good choices and activities. It means trying much harder to be non-judgmental and accepting of everyone. It means forgiving and forgetting. It means asking for forgiveness from others, from myself, and from the Lord. It means learning all I can about Him and His church and ministry. It also means finding joy in my everyday life (that's been the hardest one for me - but very satisfying.)