Sam: Mormon.

Hi I'm Sam

About Me

I'm a sophomore in college pursuing degrees in Information Systems and Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic. I love to be outside! I spend my summers hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, camping and shooting. I grew up all over the place; from Guam to Turkey. I'm the third oldest of twelve kids and we are all pretty much best friends. I served a mission in Calgary, Alberta Canada and loved it.

Why I am a Mormon

Yeah, both of my parents are Mormons and that helped but is certainly not the deciding factor. I love all religions and have very good friends from across the religious spectrum. These friends have always been willing to teach me about there beliefs and ways of life, all of which I found very interesting and most all of which even uplifting and enlightening. I chose to be a Mormon though because I know that, as He did in ancient times, God has sent living prophets to the earth today. These prophets were called as were Moses, Paul and Isaiah, by the Lord Himself. Joseph Smith received this call early on in the 1800's and since Joseph the world has been blessed once again by an unbroken chain of living oracles, personal servants of the Savior Jesus Christ. I know that these men are prophets for various reasons; the things that I see them do, the Holy Spirit that I have felt almost overwhelmingly when I have seen them in person and most of all, because I know God and I have asked Him about them in prayer and He has answered me and promised me that they are true, living prophets.

Personal Stories

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

I served a two year, proselyting mission in Calgary, Alberta Canada. It was great. Young Mormons, typically late teens and early twenties, have the opportunity to be full time evangelist for Jesus Christ. During this time we do not hold employment or usually even have any sort of income. We dedicate eighteen to twenty four months to serving others as the Savior would. Of course, like Jesus Christ, our primary objective is to help others come unto Jesus Christ by accepting Him and His Atonement (the sacrifice that he made for us all). This is done by teaching others wherever you can find them about His love for you, His will, His calling of prophets again to the earth and His Holy Scriptures. Although this is the main focus of most missionary work, Mormon missionaries also spend a lot of time doing random and scheduled acts of service. Jesus Christ was not one to let the needy go unattended and thus Mormon missionaries strive to be good examples of what He Himself would do. Whether it was using language abilities to translate at hospitals or volunteering at the local food bank or even just singing Christmas Carols in a public square during the holiday seasons the time that I spent doing service as Mormon missionary has helped me learn how I can help meet some of the many needs that others around me might have.

How I live my faith

I love to help others. Sometimes it is the simple helping a stranger load some cinder blocks into the back of their van as I am on my way into the Home Depot, sometimes it's stopping to help that person on the side of the road fix their fence, change a tire or jump start their car. I look out for my friends, neighbors and everyone else. Whatever trials they might have I strive to always be willing to lend a helping hand.