Ray: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ray

About Me

I'm entering downside of half a century and for 25 years of that time I have been married to my sweetheart. We have 5 beautiful daughters, 2 son in laws and 2 grandchildren. I live my hobby of automobiles as a profession, we own a car dealership. Anytime I am not with my family, church or business I am on the racquetball court.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, my Mother was a convert and my Father a member. As I grew up I felt the Holy Spirit was present at church. I wanted to be near that peace my whole life. I chose to be baptized when I was 8 years old and then when I was 19, I served a Mormon mission to Arizona. Later I married a like minded woman in one the temples of God. The longer I have been a member the more converted I become. There is peace and assurance inside the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his church is on the earth, and through the decisions of my parents I was blessed to be part of that church my whole life. I am striving to live in such a way to give my wife and children the same opportunity to have what I been provided. I eagerly look to the day that my wife and I can go together on missions to share the blessings with others that we have lived.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons do family history or genealogy work?

As I mentioned above in the FAQ's section of the author who didn't believe in a future existence, I have an experience to share that refutes his statement. I know that there is a life after this life and I know who will be there and what is like. My Father, Ralph had diabetes which over time weakened and caused a severe heart attack. My Father had emergency services to open a failed valve. While he was being operated on, his physician stated that he lost his pulse and was clinically dead for a many minutes. While the emergency staff worked to resuscitate him my father relates this story. He stated that he could see the doctors working on him as if he were looking down upon them. They worked frantically and heroically. All the while my Father felt peace and warmth, soon he said he was led away to a bright area where he was met by his Uncle and his Step-Father. He was so happy to see them, and they him. But they stated that he couldn't stay with them, but needed to return and care for his Mother. Once she had returned home, he could come after. My Father was revived and shortly after convalescing shared the story with family members. His Mother wasn't sick or need of care, but over the next 17 years, Alzheimer's set in and destroyed her life. All the while my Father cared for her. When she died, my Father dedicated her grave with prayer. My Grand Uncle Ivan, asked my Father to dedicate his grave in the upcoming months...Ivan was dying of cancer. My Father told Ivan, that he would have to find another, because he was the next to die. Three months later my Father made arrangements, called relatives, work associates and friends and said goodbye. He was chastised by these recipients and scoffed at. The day after he made his finale farewells, he died of cardiac arrest. My Grand Uncle Ivan, dedicated my Fathers grave. I know that my Father had a visitation, a revelation and direction. This wonderful prophetic story has blessed me and gave me hope for a happy reunion. In the temples of God, we do work for the dead by proxy that they may have the saving ordinances that are necessary for exaltation, such as baptism. Knowing from my Father's visitation and spiritual journey, I believe that all the earth's dead deserve the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they may not have had the opportunity to do in the flesh. Only the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches this doctrine.

How I live my faith

Where do I start to tell you how I live my faith? Church, faith, the gospel of Christ are not Sunday activities or Yearly holidays in the Mormon faith. I thrive in a day to day lifestyle full of miracles and blessings. From an outsiders view this may seem juvenile or to squeaky clean, but when I consider how dark and threatening the world and present circumstances are, the gospel is a welcome umbrella from the constant rain of chaos. The church offers opportunities of service to our friends and neighbors. Presently I teach a Sunday School class of 10 year old boys about the Old Testament. A boy named Kayden in my class once prayed a closing prayer in our class and said "thank you Father in Heaven for having us learn something about you that we didn't know earlier today." Whether I am a teacher, a lay minister, a home visitor to selected members or whatever I am asked to do inside our congregation, I am living Kayden's prayer; I am learning something I didn't know earlier today. This is how I think our Savior would have us act: Teach what we can, Learn what is taught and Do what is right.