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Hi I'm Cassie

I'm an army brat with friends all over the world. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was married during the summer of 2006 and I graduated from college in 2008 six weeks after having my first child. I have a degree in Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning. After being a stay at home mom for a year, I decided to try and find work in my field and was unable to do so because of the economic recession. I love being around people and helping them get what they need. I hope one day to return to school to get a masters in public health and a teaching certificate. My dream job would be living in remote areas of the world in order to improve communities with clean water and environmental sustainability projects.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 11, missionaries happened to knock on our door during a short time when my brother was being home schooled. My mom, who had learned of the LDS church when she was younger, thought that Mormons belonged to a cult. She decided that talking to the missionaries would be a good social studies lesson for my brother and allowed them to teach the missionary lessons. After more than a year of heated discussions with missionaries and alot of research, she had gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and decided to be baptized. Once she was baptized, she allowed me to take the missionary discussions. Shortly after my 13th birthday, I too was baptized. To be honest, at the time it was more about joining a social group and pleasing two very cute 19 year old boys. As the years passed, I realized that being a Latter-day Saint and having a testimony took more than just attending church on Sundays and I came to know my Savior personally. There have been many times when I've wondered if I made the right decision when I was 13 and I've always received a testimony from the Holy Spirit that the Book of Mormon really is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know that we have living prophets today and that the priesthood was restored to the earth. I was married for time and all eternity and sealed to my parents in the temple so that we can be a forever family. To me, saying, "I'm a Latter-day Saint" is more than just a label.

How I live my faith

As a stay at home mom, the best thing I can do to live my faith is to teach it to my children. I try to set a good example of what a Christlike person is and I always try to answer the constant "why?" without just dismissing it. You'd be surprised how much you can learn about the world just by thinking about it from a 3 year old's perspective!

Are Mormons Christians?

This is a question that I hear alot from people who haven't heard much about the LDS church from members of the LDS church. If you think about the term Christian, it actually has the name of Christ in it. Jesus Christ is the foundation of all Christian churches and also the foundation of the Mormon church. The full name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Book of Mormon is subtitled "Another Testament of Jesus Christ". So, yes, we are definitely Christians. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

The way we dress for church differs across the world. Members of the church typically wear their best clothes to church in order to show reverence to God. In some places, this means both the men and women wear skirts. While there is a cultural standard of what is appropriate for church in the US men usually wear a suit and tie and women wear skirts or dresses we gladly welcome anyone in any dress. If economic times have gotten you down and the nicest thing you own is a pair of jeans with holes in them and dirty tennis shoes, come in that. We celebrate the major Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas as well as national holidays. One of the biggest customs that Mormons have that other Christians tend to be more lax about is our observance of Sunday as a day of rest. We believe that everyone deserves a day of rest so we don't shop or do things that would cause others to work as much as possible. We also try not to work on Sundays. However, each person and family in our church is left to decide for themselves what appropriate activities are for a Sunday. Show more Show less