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Hi I'm Lauren Lily

I'm an American in Sweden and a playful, curious soul. The gospel helps me feel more myself and more alive every day.

About Me

I'm a 25 year old former special needs teacher and professional cookie baker living and an Au Pair in Sweden. I love to travel, and I love that the church is everywhere I go, waiting to welcome me with loving open arms. I'm curious, a questioner, I love to learn. I don't have much talent for dancing or creating music but I have a huge appreciation for both and I can't stop even when I embarrass myself. I laugh a lot, I'm overwhelmed by nature from the seat of my bicycle, awed by math and science... from a safe distance :) I strive to participate in what is beautiful about life. I grew up LDS in a single mom home with two older sisters. Growing up, my family put huge value on creativity and imagination which has stuck with me. I hail from the Upstate NY and then lived in Arkansas for school. After that I lived in Utah for three years where I worked with children in various outlets. Now I am taking a year to live in Sweden before continuing my education. I hope to be a child and family therapist.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Mormon church. My mom converted when my oldest sister was very young. Even though I grew up in a primarily non-Mormon area (my sister and I were the only ones in my school), the values and the beautiful ideas I was taught each week in church are inseparable from who I am. I can trace so much of what is good in my life back to my membership in the LDS church. In my late teenage years I was deeply troubled by the pervading views of Mormonism. I had yet to gain a real personal understanding of what I believed so I found myself drifting away for a couple years in early college. I think it is so important to question what you've always been told, it is only by asking questions that we can learn answers. The problem lay in how I went about questioning. I looked for truth in every place but the one I had been given from the start. I relayed primarily on my limited wisdom and though I loved God deeply, I tried to flatten my understanding of him to what I thought it should be. Although I felt lost and confused, the memory of the peace I had felt growing up in the church never left me, and when I looked to find where I belonged I always looked to repeat that experience. Finally, I humbled myself and opened my heart enough to investigate my own church. What a beautiful life changing experience that was. Having been down many roads for someone my age, both physically and spiritually, I have a personal knowledge of life with and without the gospel and a personal sense of the peace it brings. Not the peace of the world, but of God. A peace that once you have felt, it is impossible to be satisfied with anything less. I love my church, I feel so blessed to be a part of it. It is such a warm and kind church. It does good things and guides good people. I wish it wasn't so misunderstood and will do what I can to familiarize the people I know with it. Whatever you've heard about Mormon's and our church, I've heard it too, and I can say with confidence that all you have to do is really interact with the members to know what is true and what is false. I am a Mormon because the church is full of love and truth, and the experience of living it speaks for itself.

How I live my faith

One day at a time and with much gratitude. Daily prayer and scripture helps me focus and prioritize my life. Going to institute, the church education for college age kids every Wednesday, has been an important part of my experience lately. Making it to church every Sunday and taking sacrament. Three hours may seem like a long service, but it's so uplifting I look forward to it each week. Keeping the Sabbath holy and living the word of wisdom (the health code- no alcohol, coffee, tobacco) have been special challenges at school, but have been more than worth it. Perhaps most importantly I try to serve others, although there's always room for improvement.

What is the Relief Society?

Lauren Lily
The woman's organization in the church and also my unofficial (they're all lovely) favorite meeting on Sunday. Why? Because the women who surround me of all different ages are full of strength and life. The Relief Society supports, listens to, teaches, and befriends it's members. Ironically when I was a young woman I dreaded this part of growing up. I thought it would be boring or fluff. Far from it. I draw such inspiration from these women and feel fortunate to be a part of something so truly meaningful. The motto is "charity never faileth." Being a woman in the church is not about stereotypes, it's about living a good life. Show more Show less

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

Lauren Lily
Absolutely not! I know it can appear this way when you look at election results for Utah, but that is a matter of culture, not direction from the church leaders. We have been asked to vote based on our own conscience and convictions to the best of our ability. We have also been asked to support those who have been chosen to lead us. Because it is a church of conservative values many members do tend to lean in that direction, but I know Democrat members who are as equally devout and able to live the LDS teachings without compromising on either front. The church is a worldwide religious organization. It is not after temporal power in any nation. Show more Show less