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Hi I'm Sylvia

I'm from Utah. I'm LDS. Raised a family of 10 children. I have 33 grandchildren. Serving a World Wide Support mission.

About Me

I was raised in Salt Lake CIty. I went to college met and married the man of my dreams. We raised our family in Southern Utah. My husband loved to hike, explore,and enjoy the outdoors. As a family we gathered sand, scouting, home school, gardened, raised chickens, and milked cows. We lived close to nature. We raised our family with music (two pianos) and we sang together quite a bit. We read together and enjoyed life. All the kids went away to college and almost all have degrees- some advanced degrees. Seven of them served missions. Our best examplar and head of the family passed away ten years ago. We still get together as often as possible. We have a family newsletter to keep our family informed. We are a very religious family and love our Church. We try to live its standards and all love to go to the Temple. We are trying to be an eternal family and love to be together. Two grand daughters are married now and one has two darling little ones.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because I have discovered that it is the only way I can see to be happy. It is the real path of happiness. There are times in my life when I was lax in living its standards and things went downhill fast. I was sad and discontent. I found that I was not succeeding at anything I attempted. I found myself losing hope. hope in the future, hope in ever having enough income, hope in friendships that lasted. Just gradually becoming discouraged with life. My very worst slide downhill was in college and I was not attending my meetings or working in the organizations. I was becoming so alone, so discouraged and afraid of failure in many areas of my life. Then my BIshop came to my door. He was inspired. He challenged me to come back to my meetings and to stop working on Sundays. He told me he would be looking for me every Sunday and wanted to shake my hand every time at the door. I took his challenge and started praying again. I studied the Gospel deligently and with fervor. My life turned around, I found life had a purpose and hope was restored. I just wanted to sing and tell the world that I had discovered my Savior and that He loved me and wanted me to return to Him and have a glorious eternal life. Things just went from sorrow to rejoicing. The contrast was so evident to me. I wanted to stay on the happy side of the line. I knew how to obtain that blessing and so for the rest of my life I have sought to live close to the Spirit that teaches me to listen, serve others and learn and walk the happy road. I have an assurance that if I do that, I will see my Savior and be able to thank Him for providing a plan of happiness and leading me to it. I have come to know He is real and loves me personally. I love Him. Life for me is so good.

How I live my faith

I have thru this Church the opportunity to serve others. I love that. My satisfaction is life is getting to know others by working and playing side by side with my community members. Some ways that I have served is to help make quilts for the humanitarian projects, organize firesides for SIngles in my area, or organize dinners, BBQs, entertainment for large groups of single men and women. I enjoy meeting often with others in my situation. I have helped prepare plays for the community and taken tickets or clean up after a performance. This is because of serving on an Activity Committee. These are so fun because the whole community participates. I am chorister for our ward and a visiting teacher. I love the sisters I visit, one just had a baby and it is fun to see her grow each month when we visit her mother. I meet with a group of ladies and we have a home evening (a time for 4 or sometimes 5 or 6 meet together at one of our homes) and listen to a recorded book together. We have refreshments and visit. We are all single. We actually put a recipe book together by request of the town board for our 100 year celebration for our town. We just keep busy and enjoy each other. I have taught the children as a leader and a teacher. I have worked with the youth, the young women for many years helping them them thru their program of progress. I have served the women in our area in the women's organization. I have been the organist for some of the groups. I just love to be part of the whole program that offers me opportunity to grow and learn from so many talented people I rub shoulders with. I have grown from these experiences, I have learned so much. i am very happy because of my associations and my work.

What do Mormons believe happens after we die?

I believe that when my husband passed away that his spirit walked into another room or another place where he was welcomed by his parents and my parents. I think he felt an extreme outpouring of love for him. I believe he saw many of his ancestors and that his spirit is busy working to help them come to know the princlples that will help them to come to know Jesus Christ and how he lived and died for us. His body had no life and was buried after a wonderful funeral that honored him. I know that he will be reunited with his body again. And at that time he will be whole again. I believe that he will never be separated from his body again. That his test is over. His time on earth was spent well and was the opportunity to show by his actions that he wanted to live to return back to his Eternal Father. I know he is loved by his Father in Heaven. He lived every commandment as best as he could. He tried in every way to qualify to return to his heavenly parents. He was in the Temple where he also prepared for that return. In the Temple our marriage was sealed for eternity. We can and will live as husband and wife again. I must live well enough to qualify to be with him. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

For me the purpose of life is to be tested. I know I have Heavenly Parents who love me. I believe that I lived with them before I came to earth. I think that I progressed as far as I could. I watched my Heavenly Parents and tried to live like them. And there came a time when I needed to be away from them to see if I could become my potential without seeing them. I believe that I was placed here on this earth with temptations and sin and with the choice to indulge myself in things that this exsistance offered. I have good things here to choose. The devil is real and would do all he could to lure me away from my goal to return to our Heavenly Father. I have the Savior to try to encourage me His direction and who died for me so I could repent of my bad choices. My purpose here is to prove to myself and to my Heavenly Father what I will do, what I will choose. ANd my stay is measured by the God who let me come here. I will return to Him and report what I did and how I lived. I have been given commandments that will keep me safe. I have the Gift of the Holy Ghost to prompt me to to do what is right. What choices I make will decide my fate for all eternity. . So I want to choose well. Show more Show less