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Hi I'm Zeke

I'm happy because I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm a husband and father of four boys and a girl. Nothing matters more to me. I'm a Business Professor. I really enjoy my work. I'm passionate about soccer (or futbol, as I grew up calling it). Playing or watching.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--a Mormon--because it helps me follow the Savior and be happy. I prayed to know if this was Christ's true Church and I received a positive answer through the Holy Ghost. I grew up in a Mormon family, where my parents taught me well. At the age of 15 I began to wonder if all the things I'd learned about Jesus Christ, the Bible, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon were actually true. So I decided to find out for myself. I tried a simple experiment. I decided to read the entire Book of Mormon, do my best to live its teachings, and ask God to know if it was true. If it was true, I expected that I would notice a change for the better in my life and that God would help me know it clearly. If it wasn't true, I believed God would lead me in a different direction. It worked! The answer didn't come right away. First I noticed small changes in my behavior and attitude. Then I began to feel something special as I read the Book of Mormon. And then, after some time, I had a very powerful and personal feeling that what I was reading was true. It was a mix of peace of mind, joy, and profound certainty that I could not deny. Once I knew that the Book of Mormon was true, I could not deny that Jesus Christ was my Savior. Nor could I deny that Joseph Smith--the prophet by whom God established the Church and by whom we received the Book of Mormon--was a real prophet of God. Since those early days, my certainty of the truth of the gospel and of the Church has matured through many experiences. I am reminded of the truth of what I believe in many ways. Sometimes it's through feelings peace. Other times it's the clear understanding that the gospel gives me to make important or difficult choices. It's always because I feel happier when I live the gospel.

How I live my faith

The truest and hardest test of my faith is in how I treat others, because it reflects whether I am really following the Savior. I try to live my faith by being a good husband, father, neighbor, friend, professional, and citizen. I pray daily on my own and with my family. I read the scriptures frequently. I have a weekly family night with my wife and kids, in which we talk about the gospel. I go to Church weekly and serve as a volunteer. I currently serve as the Bishop of my congregation.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Yes, they can be together forever. This is one of the most beautiful teachings of the Church. It gives us the hope that we can be with those we love even after death. We have special buildings called Temples in which a man and a woman can be married by a person who has something we call "priesthood authority". This authority allows the person to marry a couple for all eternity instead of only until death, and for the children of that couple to be with their parents for eternity. Knowing this has made a big difference in how my wife and I approach our relationship and the way we raise our children. We realize we're trying to build a marriage and a set of relationships that will continue forever, so it puts a lot of things in a unique perspective. Show more Show less

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon has the same purpose as the Bible: to help us learn about Jesus and live his gospel. It is different only in the sense that it was written by different authors. While the Bible was written by prophets and apostles who lived in the area we now call the Middle East, the Book of Mormon was written by prophets and apostles who lived between 600 BC and 400 AD in what we now call the Americas. The people who lived in ancient America and wrote the Book of Mormon wrote on sheets of gold, or "gold plates". The last prophet to write in the Book of Mormon was named Moroni. He appeared to Joseph Smith in the 1820's and showed him where to find the gold plates in which the Book of Mormon was written. Joseph Smith then translated the Book of Mormon into English by divine inspiration so that we could read it and learn more about Jesus Christ. It is a blessing to have both the Bible and the Book of Mormon to help us follow the Savior. Show more Show less