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Hi I'm Robert

Husband, father of four.

About Me

Interestingly, my family calls me Rob. My wife and friends call me Bob. I have been using my given name more recently, so it's Robert for the sake of this profile. I'm a mechanical engineer who worked for most of my career in manufacturing, but I recently switched over to facilities engineering through a chain of experiences I consider a personal miracle. More about this later... The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, or Mormon faith as it is sometimes called, has been the great stabilizing factor in my life. I believe it to be the greatest treasure known to man. It certainly is to me. Being a Mormon has helped me discover that the way to happiness cannot be found through earthly possessions. It comes the same way my parents found it, and their parents before them. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and family bring the only true joy in time and eternity.

Why I am a Mormon

Both parents are descendants of pioneers who came west in the early days of the church, so some may say I was born into it. But I have a conversion story very similar to those first pioneers in that the Holy Ghost has borne witness to my soul of its truthfulness. It is amazing to contemplate an unbroken chain of great-grandparents, grandparents and parents who would testify of similar experiences. I'm a Mormon not only because of the legacy my ancestors left for me, but because of the countless other blessings that have come to me in life because of my Mormon faith--blessings that I know are no coincidence. Most of all, I love our Savior Jesus Christ and want to follow his example.

How I live my faith

My personal goal is to be as steady and solid in living my beliefs as possible so others will see my example and want to know more about the origins of my faith. There are so many voices in the world today. All shout their messages and most try to appeal to a person's desires, but talk is cheap and it's far too easy to proclaim something without anything to back it up. Speaking about his disciples the Savior said, "By their fruits ye shall know them." I believe that seeds sown quietly followed by diligent care and nurturing of those seeds yields the most precious fruit of all. There is a quiet dignity about the Mormon faith and its people that invites investigation by those who are seeking spiritual truth. Opportunities to share the Mormon message don't come nearly as frequently as I would like, but when they do it is an amazing experience. Its doctrines and truths speak for themselves, but I would be foolish to expect another person to believe only on the merits of what I tell them. Sharing the Gospel is not a sales job. Anyone who is sincerely seeking to know the truth and who is willing to follow when they receive an answer will receive a confirmation that the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the Mormon church is absolutely true by the power of the Holy Ghost. Why? Because there is so much at stake. God wants all His children to recognize truth, and He loves you just as much as he loves me. It seems to me that sincerity and willingness to follow are the important keys in this process. The blessing of knowing for oneself these undeniable truths is so great that you can never make a sacrifice while earning it. I encourage you to get on your knees and ask God if He is there. Once you receive that witness and become familiar with those kinds of feelings, ask Him if the Mormon church is true. I have received that witness and you can too.

Are Mormons Christians?

I am puzzled by this because the Mormon faith is so centered on Jesus Christ. The official title of the Book of Mormon is The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The only way I can explain propagation of the myth that we are not Christians is that Jesus Christ is so basic to all we do and say that we do not mention Him frequently. In other words, our belief that Jesus Christ is our Savior is so implied that it may sometimes appear that He is overlooked. In reality, he is the center of every doctrine and all worship. We are explicit in using the name of Jesus Christ when we pray to God in the name of His Son, when we perform ordinances, and when we bear testimony. On the other hand, we are careful to avoid the too frequent use of the names of Deity. Show more Show less