What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Nicole

I grew up in Idaho and I married a military man. I am a wife, mom, friend, and writer. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I married a Navy sailor 18 years ago. We have moved all over the country with our three kids. Now our kids are growing up and we are retired from Navy life and living in Washington state. We have home schooled and public schooled. My husband and I have both earned an Associates degree as adults with a family. We have lived near family and far away from family. We love being near family! We are learning to make long term friends again. I love the Internet for keeping in touch with people. I love writing, reading and learning. I don't like to cook or clean. I have an Old English Sheepdog and we love him to pieces! We like to camp, play sports, and talk!

Why I am a Mormon

I have felt the power of God in my life. I believe He has a place for me- as insignificant as I am. I believe He has a mission for my life. I believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored because God loves His children and didn't want them to wander in darkness and confusion. I believe Jesus overcame sin and death and that by His name and power we can also overcome if we come to Him. I have found great power and comfort come into my life as I follow His teachings and participate in the ordinances of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Although I grew up as a Mormon, I was converted, as we all must be, when I had trials as a young adult. I know this church is true. I know that God has sent prophets to the earth because of His great love for us. I have felt my faith grow as I read the Book of Mormon, and follow the commandments. I have felt communication from heaven as I kneel in prayer and pour my heart out to my Heavenly Father. I know He hears me and guides me. I want to do what He wants me to do.

How I live my faith

At this time in my life my most important service is to be a friend to as many people as I can. I try to find ways to support other women. I find that this enriches my life immensely. It cuts back on my own whining, and it allows me to serve others. I am my congregation's Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. I made a plan for what to do in case of local emergencies such as a flood, hazardous waste spill, or winter ice storm. It was very interesting to think about the things that could happen and to realize that God is carefully watching over us each day and protecting us from ourselves. I have been teaching people how to become ready to help themselves and others in times of crisis.

What is a ward/stake/branch?

A Ward is a congregation that meets each Sunday and forms the basis of the structure in our church. It is based on geographical boundaries. All LDS people within the boundaries are expected to attend and serve this congregation. If there is a conflict between members our Bishop will try to resolve the conflict so that we can all work together in love and harmony. In a Ward, we have a children's organization, teen organization, and woman's organization all run my members of the congregation without pay. We do it because our Bishop (the leader of the congregation) has prayed and felt like we are the one the Lord wants to do the job. We usually say yes when asked. It's a big job to run a Ward organization, and the leader will ask for others to help when inspired to do so. We become close like a family in our Wards because we teach and serve each other every week and sometimes more often. We look out for each other and try to help when we see a need. A Branch is just a small Ward. When a Branch becomes large enough it will be organized into a Ward. Wards are organized into a larger congregation called a Stake. This is often compared to the stake of a tent. (Not the steak you eat). The Stake oversees the Wards, offers support, and will ask a Bishop and his two counselors to serve a Ward. A Stake is headed by a State President and two counselors. The same organizations that serve a Ward also serve a Stake. A leader at this level will train and support the leaders in the Wards. A couple of times a year the Stake will meet in a conference and give guidance and inspiration for the whole geographical congregation. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Mormon have a great love for people. We believe that we have found something great that will bless the loves of others. Therefore we want to share this like a gift. When Mormon wants to share this great gift with you it is a symbol of the love they feel for you and for all humanity. It is a blessing to us and we want to bless the lives of others too. We also believe that God has put a responsibility on us to share his truth with all of his children. This can sometimes be scary for us as we don't want to be rejected or offend others. We do it because of our great love for God and a desire to fulfill our duty to Him. We do not want anyone to join our church against their will. we believe in allowing all men and women the opportunity to choose for themselves. But how can anyone choose who has not been taught? Show more Show less