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Hi I'm Yara!

I ask tons of questions, have 3 nationalities, work at Disney World and am happily married for all eternity! Yup... I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I’ve always had a tendency to be happy wherever I am, which was really fortunate growing up because I moved a lot. I was born in Brazil to a French dad and a Brazilian mom, and lived many years in both countries. We moved to Florida in 2003, and three years ago, I came to Washington on my own. As could be expected of me, I absolutely love it here! People say that the grass is greener on the other side, but really, they just mean Washington! I love writing and I love languages! I love making things neat and perfect. I love reading and exploring. I live in a world of my own where everything is pretty and the future is always bright. I also think a lot, which somehow does not conflict with any of that. I am an extremely curious person and would like to one day know everything about everything. We’ll see how that goes. I was raised without a religion and was about to make one up when I met people who already had all my ideas worked out into a well-organized church. I have always felt welcome amongst Latter-day Saints and it was only a matter of time before I realized I had found where I belonged. I was baptized in October of 2006 and have been married for TWO whole years! This has honestly been the best time of my life! I am a very positive, giddy and quirky person and my religion brings out the best in me! ^^ Life is good!!!

Why I am a Mormon

My brain is always racing. I have always been very curious and asked lots of questions. When I met someone who called himself a Mormon, without even knowing what that meant, I wanted to learn all about it! We worked at Disney World together for a few months and my questions never stopped coming. I wasn't looking for a church or something to follow because I thought all religions were man-made, used to keep people from thinking for themselves. However, I'd never met anyone whose beliefs were actually logical - and who both loved and encouraged every question, even and especially the hard ones! I was amazed at how everything he said always tied together, never contradicted previous answers and always made sense. I'd never met anyone whose religion was so clear in his mind that it was both simple enough for a child to comprehend and deep enough for an adult to spend all his life studying and growing in understanding! I started reading the Book of Mormon because I knew Mormons were good people and I wanted to be a better person. It did not take me long before I realized there was a whole wealth of truth just waiting to be uncovered! I did not believe in God before, but as I read and pondered the words therein, it became very clear that He existed, that He knew me personally and that He loves me. That book turned my world around and I suddenly realized my life was part of a big, perfect plan. I asked my friend to baptize me and although now I know where to look for answers to my questions, they literally never stop! And I love that!! I love the Church of Jesus Christ because it makes me think. It is a church for people who seek answers and for those who want to know everything about everything! And little by little - I know we'll get there!!! ^^

How I live my faith

I have had a few different callings, that is, responsibilities in the Church. I have been a teacher, have worked with girls 12-18, and now help the missionaries care and provide for new members in my congregation. The Church has many different programs to ensure that people are well, and which create great unity, and a feeling of family. I feel very close to the people in my Church community! One of my favorite activities is going to the Temple. Being there helps me feel closer to God and also to my ancestors. It is a haven from the ever-active world we live in. The peace felt inside a Temple makes it a great place to ponder and reflect on life. I love it there!! My friends and I like meeting once a week to read Scriptures together. We read a few verses each and share our thoughts. It is interesting how close we feel, reading and studying together, and seeking to understand God’s ways and His dealings with people who have come before us.

What do Mormons believe about “eternal life?”

Scriptures talk of "immortality and eternal life." Those are two very different things. Death is when your body and your spirit become separate. Immortal means you never die, meaning your body and your spirit are forever bound together. Life, true life, is progress - in our supreme goal, which is to love unconditionally, as God does. On earth, we should be focused on living, rather than just surviving. It is good practice to LIVE, as opposed to simply survive endlessly and aimlessly, just because our heart is still beating. In American Sign Language, the sign for "eternal life" is "born-born," meaning being born again and again. In the New Testament, Jesus explains that we must become a new person, through Him. This is not literal, but symbolic. We must be constantly analyzing ourselves, finding little imperfections, and making improvements - every single day! Growth is a choice we must choose to make. Becoming better must be a constant goal of ours. Every day, we can start on a clean page and put to practice the new and improved us we create! "Eternal life" means having all the time in the universe to achieve our goals for ourselves. It means eternal progress, eternal growth. It means becoming better, kinder, happier, more loving, more knowledgeable,... more like Christ - forever! It means continuing this development to infinity and beyond! Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

The purpose for our existence is to one day become like our Heavenly Father. We do this by learning to love unconditionally. It is a process which takes more than just our mortal lives. Earth is a very effective love-learning classroom. We start out as children and are given the task of learning to love our parents, siblings and other family members. As we grow up, we start learning to love our friends, our neighbors, the grumpy old man across the street... Eventually, we may get a chance to try and learn to love nieces, nephews, spouses, children of our own, other people's children...... The goal is to experience as many of these as possible so that we may better understand the broad spectrum of love that our Heavenly Father has. Show more Show less