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Hi I'm Brad

I'm married, the father of seven, the grandfather of two, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born the second of four children in northwestern Pennsylvania, but we moved to Oklahoma as I entered my teens. We had romantic visions of cowboys and the wild West, but we were disappointed to find paved streets, houses, and sidewalks made of concrete rather than wood planks. So we settled into modern life in Oklahoma. There, I continued school, graduating from high school and attending one year of college before serving a two-year mission in Utah for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I re-enrolled in school at Oklahoma State University upon my return from my mission, and there I met the girl who was to become my wife. We married and we struggled our way through school while beginning our family, just as countless other couples have done. We moved around Oklahoma and Texas following my graduation as my new employer dictated. We eventually found our way to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where we could be close to extended family, and where I could start a new job. I consider myself a very ordinary man, living an ordinary life, but doing so with an extra-ordinary wife and children. I married well, and I'm very proud of our seven children and two grandchildren. My family gives me great satisfaction. I work in the computer industry, and I love all things technical. I also love cycling and jogging. Both clear my mind and get me out where I can smell the alfalfa blooms and freshly-mown hay.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents joined the church when I was a very young toddler, so I was raised in the church. I attended church because my parents took me each week. I went to church meetings, performed my duties, accepted callings and fulfilled responsibilities, and eventually served as a full-time missionary because, frankly, that's what was expected of me. I was taught well at home by loving parents who were assisted by wonderful and dedicated teachers and leaders at church. I liked church and my associations there, and I frequently had wonderful experiences and feelings while there and while carrying out my duties, but I took so much of it for granted as simply who we were and what we did. I did not apply myself because I was comfortable. I knew that the church was true and I knew that my parents knew it, but nothing had really pushed me beyond what I was comfortable with. My relationships with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost were not what they could (or should) have been, and I didn't understand the practical nature of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During my mission, certainly, but especially afterward, as a young husband and father, I felt the need for divine intervention and guidance in my life. My divine relationships, especially with the Savior, Jesus Christ, needed to improve, and I needed to learn how to apply gospel principles which I had been learning all of my life. I'm a Mormon today because I am learning the joy of the love of the Lord as I continue to improve my relationship with Him, and as I serve Him and our Heavenly Father. I need what the Savior and His gospel offer us. His gospel is one of application, and adherence to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ brings joy to individuals and families not only in the hereafter, but here and now. If I had been a Mormon as a youth because of tradition and expectation, I'm a Mormon today by choice. And I choose to be so because the Lord's is a wonderful, practical gospel which makes me happy.

How I live my faith

My family and I are very active Mormons, each of us serving in various positions in the church. Of the things I have done, I have loved teaching the most. I have especially enjoyed teaching the youth because, I suppose, of the positive impact that teachers and leaders had on me when I was a young boy. It's easy to see the opportunity to do good while working with youth. Be that as it may, my current responsibility is to teach an adult Sunday School class. I accepted the request to serve in that capacity with a gulp, but I have since come to love the experiences we share together each week. Mormons take seriously and literally the call to look after one another, and my son and I are privileged to regularly visit the homes and otherwise offer support to other families in our congregation. Prayer and scripture study are vital parts of my daily routine, and help me better understand what the Lord expects of me. But I suppose the way that any of us can best live our faith is to be the kind of people we should be in our homes and communities, as well as at church. We're to love, help and support each other. We're to show kindness and respect to all. We're to be an influence for good in all things and in all places. And we're to raise our families in love and righteousness. We're to live as Jesus Christ would have us live.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

We come to know God, our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, through personal and private prayer, scripture study, and obedience to all of His commandments. When we offer simple, faithful, sincere prayers which come from our hearts, and when we stop periodically during our prayers to listen, and combine prayer with quiet meditation, we will feel His presence, know that He is, and we will come to know Him more intimately. I have prayed many times for help to know and to love Him, and have felt His reassurance and help. The scriptures teach us of Him. We learn of His attributes, His love for us, how He deals with us, and that He has a plan for each of us and is aware of us. Obedience brings us closer to Him as we feel His approval and receive His blessings. Show more Show less