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Hi I'm Michael

I am a Latter Day Saint from a farming community. Now I am studying to design airplanes as a graduate student.

About Me

I live a chaotic life of an engineering graduate student. Besides the many hours I spend studying, I love playing with my young son; our favorite is rolling around on the floor and laughing until our cheeks hurt. I also enjoy many hobbies with my wife such as stargazing, cooking new exotic meals, hiking, and when life has been too busy, just watching a good movie. Even though, we live on my meager income, we are happy and have learned that having the newest and latest gadgets or the money to purchase new furniture, clothes or activities, do not make you a happy family.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was in high school, I was asked why I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I did not know the answer to that. Even though I grew up in this church, I was not sure why I attended it. In the small farming town I lived in, there were several churches. I heard over time how each church taught to do good and love other people. But I noticed a disconnect in what they were taught and did. Some attended church and helped the poor or the elderly. Others donated to charities but worked on Sunday or disregarded the Ten Commandments. This led me to wonder if what church was the true church and if mine was. I had heard of Joseph Smith who had seen a vision of God the Father and his son Jesus Christ, when he was a boy, in answer to a prayer he gave. As a result, Jesus Christ told Joseph Smith at that time on the earth, the truth did not exist completely. Parts of it existed in many churches but the true church of Jesus Christ did not exist on the earth. In time, Joseph Smith writes that he was called of God to restore the true church back on earth. In order to do so, he had to receive the authority and was called to be a prophet in modern times just as Peter was called by Jesus Christ. As part of this, Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon, which clarifies the doctrines that had been confused in the Bible. So my question was is this true? If so it means I had grown up in the true church of God on the earth or I was in the wrong church and needed to find the true one. So I decided to read his entire account and the Book of Mormon and do as Joseph did, ask God what is true. I did not receive a vision like Joseph Smith did, but I felt of its truth in my heart. It was calm, peaceful feeling unlike I had felt before. I continue to feel the same thing every time I read the Book of Mormon and attend the church. I know this is the only true church of Jesus Christ that teaches the complete truth. This is why I am a member of it.

How I live my faith

The amount of time I need to spend studying at school is daunting. Yet, I still make time to live what I believe. Every month, I have the chance to visit members of my congregation in their homes and build friendships with them. I enjoy the ethnical diversity and learning about them and their lives. From the African Americans to Indians and Chinese to Russians and Europeans, I find my life is enriched as I visit with them. There is so much you can learn just by talking and listening to other people. I also love visiting and teaching others who are interested in learning more about the church each week. Many of them have similar questions as I did or are going through a great challenge in life. I love seeing them put a smile on and feel the relief that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings them. Watching their burdens being lifted, and seeing them enjoy life as I do, makes all the difference each week; visiting others is one of the best uses of my time. As a result of this, my family and I have many more friends and enjoyed many new experiences. We would not have known these good people or enjoyed the fun activities they shared with us if I did not first, take time to simply go and visit them. This is how God wants all of us to live – happy. This helps make my life much happier than it could be otherwise.