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Hi I'm Merrill

I am a Human Resource professional. I am a husband & father of three & step father of four. I also love running. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like music. I like a lot of different kinds of music, but only the kinds of music that have a clean beat and clean lyrics. I feel better when I listen to good, wholesome music. When I was younger I got the opportunity to play trombone in a jazz band. I played trombone because my mom's uncle gave me his old silver trombone. Once I got to high school, though, I wanted to participate in sports. My parents thought I would be good at running since I could run faster than many of my friends. I ran track and cross country and even played on the school's ultimate frisbee team. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Area Studies. While there, I had the opportunity to be a part of the internationally acclaimed BYU Ballroom Dance Company where the team not only won another US National Championship, but also won the prestigious ballroom event in Blackpool, England. After a few months dabbling in real estate after graduation, I went on to get my Masters from University of Phoenix in Human Resource Management. I currently work as a human resource professional at a local community college. I've done lots of recruiting and compensation over the last few years and that's because I love helping people and I love exploring what people do. I currently live in the Salt Lake City, UT metro area with my family. I now get to use all my talents I gained growing up to help my kids learn and grow.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up, I always felt that the Mormons were good people with good values and always kind and lending help to others. However, I had to ask God if this path was the right one to take. Otherswise, I'd probably have gone the way of the world without knowing what I was missing. I remember a distinct day when I was in High School. I had been good about attending seminary and church, but there was still a void in my life. That void was soon to be filled. As part of an assignment from my seminary class, I was challenged to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. I accepted the challenge and completed the book. However, when I reached Moroni 10:3-5, I knew that just reading the book would do no good unless I asked God whether it was true. I remember kneeling down by my bed with book in hand and opened my mouth. Before I had finished my prayer a sweet and warm feeling swept over me so powerfully that I knew that was an answer to my prayer that the book IS true and that God DOES hear and answer prayers and that He DOES live! As I have continued on through life, I have had many opportunities of feeling that same feeling of peace and warmth enter into my heart confirming to me the truthfulness of this gospel and these standards I live by. There is no doubt in my mind that the principles taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are true. Because I know these things independent of any being and because they have been made known unto me through the calming voice of the Holy Spirit, living the higher standard brings me closer to God, my Father, whom I want to return to and live with forever. I'm a Mormon because I know the Book of Mormon is true and was brought forth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I'm a Mormon because I know Jesus is the Christ and is the only one who can save us from the effects of sin and death. I'm a Mormon because I know it's true!

How I live my faith

In the Church, I have had many opportunities to teach and lead. It's been highly rewarding! A few years ago, I was assigned to help the youth of our church community learn the Lindy Hop to perform at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Celebration. There were thousands of youth who participated in this event as a whole, but I led about 100 of them through a 2 minute routine. Now I assist in the scouting program. As a member of the Church, I also have the great opportunity to visit a select number of families in our ward called home teaching. I look forward to this each month because it's another opportunity to teach and I LOVE teaching. It's fun getting to know what they are up to. I have a few families whose children are heavily involved with sports. This is great because my kids are too - it gives us something in common to chat about. I also enjoy challenging my families to better live the gospel whether it be reading scriptures together as a family / couple, or having family prayer, or attending the temple more regularly. The home teaching program is meant to keep an eye out for the members of the church, to strengthen them and help them overcome struggles and challenges they are facing because the bishop can only do so much. In the last few years, I have tried to be more bold in how I tell others about the gospel. I try earnestly every day to be a good example of faith. It's hard sometimes because, well, I'm human. But it's rewarding. Through my example, I helped a dear friend and coworker come back to church. I have also been able to share the gospel with several others due to the sickness of one of my kids. Sharing the gospel brings a light and peace that is unique and very special to me. No other feeling compares to it.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

The family is the central part of society. Without a family, society would collapse. Family is important to Mormons because it keeps society moving forward by providing structure, learning, and strength. Mormons believe that families can be together forever. Because we tend to love our families the most, it's a blessing to be able to be sealed together forever. That is done in the temple. This is another reason why family history is so important to Mormons. We love our family and want to know who they are so that we can share those same blessings with them and unite them to us forever. Show more Show less