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Hi I'm Jennifer

I love music, art, crafts, creating and spending time with my 3 beautiful daughters.

About Me

I am a mother. Most of my time is spent taking care of my 3 daughters and our home. I love my life. There are days when I am out of patience and I'm completely exhausted, but with the love of my Savior and the smiles I get from my sweet girls, as well as a growing understanding of the importance of my work, I'm able to receive that extra push to continue. I am married to a wonderful man. He keeps me balanced, he supports me and he is my best friend. I love caring for and serving my family. As the Savior taught, service is the best way for us to show love. It also brings with it joy and happiness.

Why I am a Mormon

As someone who has grown up in the church, I have felt the peace and love of our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. After getting baptized at the age of 8, I was able to receive the gift of the holy ghost which has helped to guide me. I went through a time in my early 20's when I wasn't going to church and wasn't making great decisions with my life. I felt a sense of loss and depression. After deciding to go back to church and working on repenting for my mistakes, I felt at peace again and truly happy like all my burdens had been lifted and everything was right again. I am grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ for providing a way for me to be forgiven for my sins and start over. I try not to dwell on past mistakes but keep with me the memory of how I felt in those years of my life as a reminder to never go back there. I have handed my sins over to the Lord and he has forgiven me. I try to live each day moving forward and trying to be a little bit better of a person. I have a testimony of the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have felt the holy ghost's confirmation that it is true and the peace that comes when I follow the commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ. After feeling this, I don't ever want that feeling to leave me.

How I live my faith

I have a big responsibility to help mold my daughters as well as the children I teach at church. I feel it is important for me to live in a way that allows the holy ghost to be with me so that I am able to teach these sweet children truth. They say the best way to teach is through example. My daughters watch every move I make and they look to me as an example. There are a lot of bad examples in our culture today for young women and it is important for me to raise daughters who have a strong sense of self worth and who have a close relationship with their savior Jesus Christ. I don't watch or read anything that would take me away from my savior. Sometimes that's difficult, and sometimes that's easy. I try to live healthy so my daughters will want to do the same. I try to show love, forgiveness and compassion to people close to me and anyone I come into contact with. I'm living each day with the goal to make something about myself a little bit stronger. I love the principle of eternal progression. I will never be perfect, but I can live each day trying to improve little by little.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

I get asked about temples a lot from friends and family so I want to give my input on this. I have had the privilege of going into the temple in Dallas when I was married in 2005 and later being able to serve as a temple worker with my husband in South Carolina. I can assure you the reason that you are asked to prepare yourself to enter the temple and why it is not just open to the public is not to cover up some secret scandal, it is to preserve the sacredness and the peace that is so strongly felt there. Anyone can go in the temple, and in fact the church leadership wants as many people to go as possible and as often as they can, it's just important to make sure you're prepared for the experience so you can get the most out of it. The temple is beautiful and quiet and peaceful. I love it there and would love to see all my family, friends and everyone there with me. It is something worth preparing for. Show more Show less