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Hi I'm Sara.

I'm a mom, a teacher, and a triathlete. I believe in balancing sacrifice with me time. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I had a lot of time as a single adult before I got married. I developed many of my interests and skills as an adult, after graduating from college. I have been a musician, a dancer, a DJ. I love videography and photography. I journal regularly, for myself and my children, the old-fashioned way--cursive writing in a book. I became a triathlete as a way to motivate myself to stay physically active. I love the training and the competition, but I am willing to set it on the back burner to support and care for my family. My parents raised me strictly and well, and gave me experiences that helped me develop a strong character with courage and determination and independence and faith. I hope to be as successful with my own family.

Why I am a Mormon

I owe my introduction to the LDS Church to my mother. She was introduced to the Church in high school by her best friend, and was baptized a few years later, just before marrying my dad. She brought him into the Church when I was a toddler, and together they raised us in the gospel. Of course we each have our own choices in life to make, so the real question is how did I choose to be a Mormon on my own. Everything I see around me in the world today shows me the safety and peace that comes from living the gospel. So many people are confused or unhappy. They make choices that bring sorrow into their lives. And many people are good, but don't understand the whys of life. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes so many things clear. It brings peace and understanding and guidance. It shows a clear path to happiness, in this life and forever. It gives me strength to choose the right, faith to live through challenges with grace and patience, courage to stand strong in adversity. It helps me to see my responsibility for who I become through my choices. I love that through the gospel, we see that our God is a living God, one who loves His children today every bit as those in ancient times, and that He has guidance for us today. We can learn from the experiences of the past in the scriptures, but we can also listen to his words today through the living prophet, and through answers to our personal prayers.

How I live my faith

I like this question, because our faith is not a verbal one, and "I believe" and we're all set. It requires real daily action. I study the gospel, the scriptures, the principles, the words of our leaders. I pray daily. I teach these things to my children. I help my neighbors. I'm feeling blessed lately to be able to help out other moms who need a sitter for an hour or a day. We all work together as a community.

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

I think this question is the closest one to the one I've been wanting to answer, which is, "Why if there is a God, does He allow so much suffering?" So I will answer both. Firstly, as you think about your life, what are the things that have made you stronger? They are probably the challenges you've had. Maybe you've learned a new skill because you lost a job, or went through a challenging class. Maybe you were closest with your spouse when you were both struggling. Maybe your family drew closer together to support each other through a loved one's illness. Becoming stronger and developing the character traits of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is one of our primary purposes on earth. We can't learn without being challenged, and having opportunities to practice. Secondly, we all are free to make our own choices in life. Which means, some people will choose poorly, and they and/or others will pay the consequences--from a car accident to a life-threatening illness to a divorce to a war. God does not free us from those consequences it wouldn't make any sense. But He does offer the opportunity to make better choices, and he does offer comfort, peace, and understanding to those who suffer, if they seek Him. Now to the joyful part, things that tell me there is a God. When I pray, I hear and feel Him answer. When I hold one of my children, I feel such pure love. When I look at the majesty and creativity of our natural surroundings, I know they are no accident of physics. When I see the way my life has been blessed, how things have worked out for our best, even when they weren't what I'd have thought was best at first, I am reminded that He is in charge. And I do believe in the testimony of Joseph Smith, that he saw both God the Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ in a vision. Show more Show less