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Hi I'm Steve

I'm a marketing executive, an amateur gardener and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Pennsylvania where my dad was a teacher and my mom took care of our family. We didn't have tons of money, but we always had enough for what we truly needed. One thing our parents had plenty of was love for each other, and for us kids. They taught us to work hard, and encouraged us to develop our talents. They showed us by their example the importance of hard work and serving others. I married my wife when I was 23 (she was 21!), before we even graduated from college. After working for two years I attended the Wharton School and received an MBA in Marketing. After graduation, I began working in the pharmaceutical industry, a business I still love working in and am proud of. My wife and I have 5 tremendous kids. We enjoy traveling as a family, and have lived in England and Ireland. We have also visited almost all the countries of Western Europe, and parts of Africa and the Carribean. We love learning about other lands and cultures, but we are proud to be Americans. When we came back to America after living 5 years in Europe, I cried the first time I heard America the Beautiful. I love music, and have a musical family. Every Christmas we go into Philadelphia and play Christmas carols on various street corners just to spread cheer. I also like gardening, and maintain a small plot of land behind my house. I am also a big rock and roll fan--particularly the 70's prog-rock bands like Genesis and Yes. I have Crohn's disease.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a Latter-Day Saint, and am very grateful that I was. I always felt like my family had something special about it. I didn't know whether Joseph Smith was a prophet or a charlatan, but I knew my family loved and cared about each other in a way that I didn't see in my friends families. I always thought that being a Mormon was hard--we spend more time at church, pay more tithing, seem to have more commandments to follow than anybody else I could see. It wasn't until I got older that I realized that all these sacrifices make us stronger and increase our faith in God. When I turned 19, I agreed to serve an 18-month mission in Quebec. This was where I really learned to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by teaching the people of Canada his restored gospel. I learned to love the Québécois people, but more importantly, I learned for myself that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I learned this through the combination of study, service and prayer, and felt the calm but sure witness of the Holy Ghost testifying that it was all true. Today, my testimony continues to grow and every day I learn more and my faith grows deeper. I often feel the Spirit's witness, especially when I sing the hymns of the church, which testify of Christ, and his sacrifice for us. I have also been privileged to visit some of the important sites in LDS church history, where I walked on ground sanctified by the sacrifices of early Mormon pioneers. In contemplating all they sacrificed for their faith, I felt strengthened in my own belief.

How I live my faith

My faith is central to who I am. I can't imagine who I would be without my Latter-Day Saint faith. It fills my life with activity and purpose, and unites me with my family in common beliefs and direction. I am the Bishop of our local Ward (congregation) which is very humbling and gives me lots of chances to serve. Because I have a regular full time job in a pharmaceutical company, I have to balance how much time I spend in work, church, and family activities (And hopefully there is a bit of time left to play in the garden!) As Bishop I am responsible for how our local ward operates--who does what job, who gives the Snday sermons, and how the church helps the needy. I have learned that EVERYONE has challenges. Some struggle with sickness. Others have financial problems. Some couples have marriage troubles, while others are sad because of choices their children make. We should never look around us and think that we a the only ones with problems. I have also learned that all of us can reach out and help those around us in meaningful ways. Sometimes simply listening sympathetically is a real comfort to those who are struggling. I am so grateful that the church gives me so many opportunities to serve other people. When we serve each other we learn to love the way Christ loved us.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

We do not know why some people are attracted to others of the same gender. Is it the way they were born or is it a choice? We simply don't know. What we do know is that everyone is a spirit child of God, and that He loves all his children. We should love EVERY man or woman who walks the earth, and reserve judgment for our Heavenly Father, who knows and understands all his creations. At the same time, God has revealed his will on many matters through his servants the prophets. Through them, we know that sexual relations between any but a man and woman, legally and lawfully married, is displeasing to Him. Just as unmarried men and women should remain morally clean, so should those who feel attracted to others of the same gender. Show more Show less