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Hi I'm Cody Paige

I love anything FUN! I love to dance, sing, play sports and do anything spontaneous. I'm a mormon and I love it!

About Me

Hi I'm Cody Paige! I love to play soccer, longboard, and listen to almost all types of genre of music. I have 4 younger brothers and one older sister. I have 2 dogs and 1.5 cats..our neighbor's cat basically lives here too haha. I try to enjoy every moment of life with a smile on my face.

Why I am a Mormon

Most people would guess I was Mormon just because I grew up Mormon, but that isn't necessarily true. I know I'm a Mormon now because I grew up this way, but that is not why I'm Mormon. I'm so glad I grew up Mormon because I felt it was always true, but needed to know for myself. I had some ups and downs and really had a hard time in high school. I had a hard time finding myself and true friends. These experiences really made me have to pray a lot. I knew that I had to know if this was the true church..and I got my answer. This is the only church on the Earth today with the fullness of the Gospel that Christ put on the Earth when he came many years ago. Once I had come to know if this church was true for myself, the problems I had in life became much easier and it helped that I was able to turn to God for his guidance and help. I am so much happier now and love every second of life, even when it gets hard. Life is often hard and we are all given different experiences, but in the end, they all help us to grow no matter how hard they may have been. I know that if you are able to turn to God to help you and love you, you will truly feel His love for you. We are all children of God and I think He wants us all to know that. If you are ever unsure of anything in life you can always ask God.

How I live my faith

I have had many chances to live my faith in life. I have been able to work with other girls my age in teaching them on Sunday as well as simply preparing the program for church every Sunday and passing them out at the door. I love to also help watch the children in nursery on Sundays so their parents can go enjoy the classes. Some days you are asked if you would like to speak on Sunday for 10 minutes or so on a topic that your Bishop will ask you to speak on such as Families can be Together Forever. The biggest way I will live my faith soon will be that I have chosen to serve a mission for this church. I will go serve in Santa Rosa, California and teach mainly Spanish speaking people about Christ's church. I am so excited to do this! It will take up 18 months of my life but I know there is nothing I would rather be doing :

What do Mormons believe about “eternal life?”

Cody Paige
We believe that there will be no end to your existence. It's a cool though really, that you will always be! I'm really excited about how we will be with our families forever so when you get married in a Mormon temple you will be sealed with your husband or wife for forever! Your family will always be your family and your husband or wife will always be your husband or wife. I think that is a truly beautiful thought. Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Cody Paige
Families are forever! For me that knowledge is a huuge blessing in my life. When someone passes away we know it's ok, they are in a place of rest right now. When my grandpa passed away it was sad that we knew we wouldn't see him for awhile but we were happy that he was no longer sick and in pain and was able to rest from this life. When I get married I will marry a man in a temple and there we will be ceiled together for all time and eternity. Our children will always be our children, and we will always be husband and wife. Families can be our greatest blessing in this life. I know it has been for me. After this life we can live with our families forever in Heaven with God again, if we choose to. Show more Show less