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Hi I'm Jonah Barnes

I was a curious and worried young-man, now I'm a happy, hopeful family-man. All of it because I am a Proud Mormon.

About Me

I'm 27 years old. I play guitar and piano and lots of stuff. I love classic rock music. My wife and I have 2 boys, updates pending . It took me 8 years to finish college because I took time off for a mission, to tour Alaska and to play music professionally. Then I had to get serious about life. Bam. That's me! 

Why I am a Mormon

When was 15 years old, I read the Book of Mormon. I'm convinced that anyone who honestly reads that book could never deny that it is authentic. I read that book and tried to talk to God about it. God answered me. I didn't hear a voice or anything, but I felt His words dropped right into my head. I conversed with Him. He communicated with me. I learned that night that not only is God real, but He wanted me to be Mormon. He endorsed the Book of Mormon. He changed my life. I'm Mormon because my Father wants me to be.

How I live my faith

I work. Everyday I work to provide for my family. I'm kind to my wife. I'm kind to my co-workers. I use good speech and I don't swear. I compliment people. I am grateful to others and especially to God. I work for my children and encourage them. I discipline them so they grow up strong. I also serve in my town. I visit lonely people and people who think they don't have friends. I tell people about my religion when I get the chance. I'm kind to the neighborhood children, who seem so amazed that I am a father who plays with his children. I shield my family from the darkening world and prepare them to be leaders. I'm building a culture in my family to help raise my children to be what their Heavenly Father wants them to be. I'm learning to be more like THAT Father, and I'm working hard to be a better man.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Jonah Barnes
In the Bible, Jesus states that baptism is essential. I believe in the Bible, so I believe in baptism. I believe that for whatever reason, Jesus wants us to do certain things like ordinances. But I also believe Jesus wants everyone to have an equal opportunity to receive those ordinances. So baptism must be available to everyone for God to be fair, right? If God requires baptism, and if God is fair, then baptisms for the dead is an ingenius way for God to show love to His children. We perform baptisms for the dead because we believe God cannot bear to lose any of His children and wants them all to have equal opportunity. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Jonah Barnes
No. We do not. We did, however. We believe that God commanded a small portion of the early Saints to practice plural marriage. I am the offspring of such a marriage. My very life is the result of what others derisively call "Polygamy". In the end, we know that God created the institution of marriage. He created Man and Woman. He commanded that loving and loyal spouses marry and bear children. God loves children and He loves big families. If God set the sun in the sky and gave Eve to Adam, then He is able to require whatever marriage arrangement He wants. He wanted Plural Marriage. So we obeyed. The rest of the world had a hard time accepting this. They don't like it when God breaks out of the social box they've put Him in. My people were killed and exiled for their belief that God can command whatever He wants. Why can't He? Just like God required we practice plural marriage, so He revealed that we should stop. Did He change His mind? Well, better He have a mind to change than that He is confined to the pages of a book. We believe God is alive and speaks to us. He breathes and loves us. So we don't have a problem responding to His real-time commands. In short, we used to practice polygamy, because God asked us to. 130 years ago, however, He commanded us to stop. So we do not. Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

Jonah Barnes
Because we require so much of people. We don't spray people with a fire-house and dance "hallelujah!" and tell everyone they are saved. We work hard. We want to be better. We want to help other people, even if it's hard. We think God wants us to be the best we can be, not lazy. People in the world feel that. They feel that God should ask a lot. Everyone else in the world tells you to take the easy road. But in the Church of Jesus Christ, we know that the hard-looking path is the most fulfilling. Our Church grows because we expect a lot. Because God expects a lot. Show more Show less