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Hi I'm Ntuj Tshiab

Kuv yog hmoob, hlub peb cov hmoob, I love games, movies, eating/cooking hmong food, and I'm Mormon :3

About Me

Hi :D I'm Ntuj Tshiab! My best friends are all converts to the church and they're awsome! I love to act, and to watch movies. I plan on majoring in animation so that I can one day work for the awsomest place on earth-Disney. I love to play games and read manga and watch anime. My favorite thing to do is to hangout with friends and meet new people, or maybe it's to hide away in my cave and sit on my computer? I love meeting new people and learning new languages and cultures. Oh, and I'm Hmong :3

Why I am a Mormon

In my opinion it is way easier for converts to gain a testimony than those of us born into the church. My parents were both converted into the church in their teens, my dad's family, after the secret war, was sponsored to come to America by a family in Utah and they joined there. My mother and her family were baptised after my grandfather passed away in a car accident. I myself have an undeniable testimony of the restored gospel and the love of our savior, but it wasn't easy. Being born into the church you tend to live on borrowed light, but as with all borrowed things they only last so long. My testimony slowly came as I began to search for truth in this world. Being a huge fan of movies and games there are many lessons and truths found in those fantasy realms but where would I find it in this world. As I searched through doctrine and scriptures I began to see the same truths and lessons I had loved in those movies and games and slowly the spirit testified to me of the truth of this gospel and church. Having found the security and truth in my life I began to build upon this great foundation and since then I've never looked back. This church that has been build upon the doctrines and lessons of the gospel of Jesus Christ restored by the prophet Joseph Smith jr. is the only true church on this earth today and is being lead by Thomas S. Monson, a living prophet. The love and guidance of the savior has helped me in my life to conquer my demons and I know, and promise, that it will change yours for the better.

How I live my faith

Well for me just living the gospel is how you live your faith. The prophets and scriptures tell us to serve our fellow man and I have the greatest testimony that this commandment is the greatest joy any man can partake of. I serve my fellow man every chance I get. To see the joy and smiles of those you help gives you a feeling so indescribable that I cannot put it into words. A man once told me that "Love is a feeling you feel when you're feeling a feeling you've never felt before" and that is what I feel when I serve people, love. I chose to serve my heavenly father every chance I had and so when he called me to serve a mission to my people, the Hmong in Minnesota, I took the offer with a open heart and it is by far the greatest joy in my life.

What is faith?

Ntuj Tshiab
 What is faith? Well I believe faith is an action word. Faith leads to actions. When you have faith in something you act upon that faith and do what it is that you need to do. When you have faith you can pass a test you take the test. When you have faith you can accomplish something you do that something. Faith to me is such an important thing. Some people in my life have question if I can really have faith in something I don't see. My father used to always use a particular analogy that I love to use. How do you know the north pole is there? Have you been there? No, but you know it's there. People have told you about it, have written books on it, and there are pictures of what it looks like right? Well if you've never been to the north pole how do you know it's there? There's just an undeniable feeling and knowledge that the north pole is there right? The same thing can be said about God or Jesus Christ. There are people who talk about them, books have been written about them and their deeds, and there are lots of painting and pictures of them right? And you know without a doubt that there is a God, and that Jesus lives because you have faith. You have never seen them, like the north pole, but you know that they are there watching over you. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Ntuj Tshiab
The prophets have commanded that every worthy male should serve a mission. We who choose to serve, both male and female, do it of our own free will. We don't get paid or advance in church titles. We serve missions because we have felt the joy it brings us in our lives and well, we want to share that joy with others. We aren't forced to serve missions, but when you feel the love of your savior and want others to feel it, because you love them so much, serving a mission isnt a requirement, it's a blessing.  Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Ntuj Tshiab
Mormon women? Hahaha only the strongest women on earth. The women of the church that I am honored to have in my life are the greatest blessing the Lord has given me. My mother is very strong in the church and her faith and testimony have strengthened and boosted my own. She has held many callings from relief society president to primary president and is probably the sole reason my father was such an effective branch president. The women of this amazing church have an aura of power around them. We believe a woman must listen to her husband but she is entitled to that same moral agency as any man and is entitled to the same eternal blessing of family and love from our heavenly father. My sisters have all held callings in primary and are the strengthening and supporting pillar for all those children in our branch. My mother and sisters and all the other amazing women in this wonderful church really are the support and sometimes the extra bit of zeal that keeps this great work going.    Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

Ntuj Tshiab
I believe in a just God. A God who loves all his children. My people, the Hmong, have only been exposed to the world for the last 40 or so years. Before the war in Laos, that stripped my people of their privacy and launched them into the world, my people were a peaceful mountain people. They lives much of their lives farming and living life. Many did not hear of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Grandparents, uncles, cousins, aunts, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, all died in the war. More than 40 of the Hmong people were killed in what is known as the "Secret War". Is it fair that they, who have never heard of the gospel or Jesus Christ, should be cast off and forgotten? The Church of Jesus Christ performs baptisms for the dead or proxy baptisms because we love our families. We believe that everyone will hear the gospel, whether in this world or the next and that if they should accept the gospel they would not have the physical means of being baptised. Which is an ordinance required for exhaltation. So because God love us all he has provided a way for us who are still living to perform the baptisms on behalf of our loved ones who have passed on. It is a great honor and a privelage to know that I can help someone who has passed on recieve the ordinances they need to be able to live with their families forever. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Ntuj Tshiab
It's like being YOU! Only finally achieving your ultimate potential. I don't think I would be the awsome person I am today if it wasn't for the church. It has made me more loving, more patient, and more aware of the need to help and love others. It hasn't changed the way I am in any negative way. It's made me happier, funnier, and more intelligent. I live my life as any other person would live theirs, only I am protected by higher standards. I avoid harmful substances so that I can enjoy life. I keep myself chaste so I can appreciate life. I seek to help others find joy in their lives as well so we can all be happy together! It's a life filled with constant communication between my father in heaven and I, constant guidance through the his spirit. It's a life filled with peace and joy, love in the home and family. It's also a life in which death is not something I fear, becasue I know without a doubt I will be with my family again. I find great joy in being a member of this church, for I know about what Heavenly Father's plan is for me and my family. Show more Show less