What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Neil

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, but left for the sun of Florida as soon as I graduated college.

About Me

I'm a business man, an executive, but most importantly a husband to my lovely wife and a devoted father to my two precious teen-aged daughters. My work brings me all over this great country, and everywhere I go I meet great people who share the same core values of devotion to family that I do. I'm an avid soccer fan and have volunteered for many years to coach youth soccer teams in our town,

Why I am a Mormon

I am first and foremost a Mormon because I recognize the Savior's guiding hand in all that this Church does. Through the Holy Ghost it has been confirmed to me the doctrine of an eternal family. The joy that this brings to me and my family is countless. I see our Savior's loving hand guide the leaders of this Church. If ever there was a time for God's people to have true prophets on this earth, it would be in the world in which we currently live. I know, through prayer that we have a living prophet today who guides us to a way that is in accordance with our Heavenly Father's plan for all of our eternal salvation.

How I live my faith

I currently serve as our Ward's employment specialist and as a Stake Auditor. I would like to say that these are the most fullfilling callings I have ever had, but truthfully, the joy of serving others has always been the greatest reward in every calling I have held. Helping those who need help is a great blessing to me and my family. With our nation's unemployment coninuing to remain at record levels, my current calling has provided many challenges. The church's resources, such as ldsjobs.org have provided many tools to help people find meaningful employment, training and learning skills to improve their lives. the woderful thing is these resources, including myself, are made available to anyone, whether you are currently a member or not and they are provided without cost!!

What does Mormonism teach regarding baptism?

We need to follow Christ's example by being baptised by emersion by one having true authority to do so. We also believe that young children may not fully understand the commitments they make when they are very young, so we generally wait until a child is at least eight years of age before he or she is baptised. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

The family is the core of our beliefs. We believe that families are forever, and that a husband and wife can be married for all eternity. Show more Show less

How do I become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church)?

As a convert to the Church, I can tell you that becoming a member is like finding a long lost friend. When I first was taught by the missionaries, the ideas that they conveyed were like a confirmation of things I had always believed, but could never find in other Churches I had sought out. When I heard that our Heavenly Father is literally that, and His Son Jesus, a separate being, it confirmed a lifetime of studying the Old and New Testaments for me. I also have always felt that a true and loving God would never deprive his people of a living Prophet to help in these troubled times. The toughest part was opening the door and letting the missionaries in, the Holy Ghost took over from there!! Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

As disciples of our Savior, we serve Him, and do not want the distractions of the world and the potential lure that money causes to take away from our love of the Savior. By accepting these unpaid positions, we serve for Him alone, and He is our only Master. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a member of His church is the most liberating thing that can happen to a person! By following His teachings, and acting on His behalf, we can be freed from the shackles that the adversary puts before us. We learn to resist carnal temptations, and devote ourselves to being the best examples we can be! It only sounds hard because Satan wants you to hear it that way, but once you commit to baptism, you begin a path that, if followed, will lead you to much happiness. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

We are all part of our Heavenly Father's family and by being and acting as his only begotten Son, we have an opportunity to be with him throughout all eternity. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

Sunday is the Sabbath, and if you're old enough to remember "Sunday Best", that is most appropriate for church. As long as the clothing is modest, you will not feel uncomfortable at our services. We renew our commitments to be disciples of Christ each week by partaking of the sacrament, We dress in a manner that demonstrates respect and love for the Savior. Show more Show less