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Hi I'm Margaret

Lived for a time and met the church in Puerto Rico. Now, a mother of three, with 12 grandchildren, and never leaving Utah!

About Me

An only child my parents wanted to give me all they possibly could for which I am so grateful. I still was curious and felt there was more out there than what I so lovingly was taught. I remember as a very small girl wondering if my church was OK. I think back and still wonder why at such a young age? My health began to bring some serious headaches to my parents so they decided to move to the tropical Island of Puerto Rico where they were from. My weight gave me serious headaches with peers in paradise. As soon as I was able I moved back to New York with my husband and children never to look back, but much to be grateful for. It wasn't long when, much to my chagrin, I became aware that my hometown was not economically nor spiritually the best place for my children to grow up in. Because of the Blessings I received in Puerto Rico such as my education and learning about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I headed west in my car with my children and my Father straight to Salt Lake City, Utah. It's been 29 years since, and no matter how much I have traveled back East, Puerto Rico, even South America. I can't live with out Utah. I will never feel sorry for my decision nor will I ever move away from Utah!

Why I am a Mormon

Because to my own surprise I wondered at such a young age about the true church, and years later as I became a teenager began a relentless search for the truth. Already married with children I helped some missionaries at the store I was working for and I told them to tell me the differences of their religion. That I had been in many and had been raised in a religious college and had to read the bible from beginning to end so that's why I was adamant to concentrate my conversation in the differences. Well I asked them to visit me at home because I could not talk at work and it was not too long after that for myself, the realization of the search was over! I don't think the missionaries ever knew what they said, did or not say/not do for my conversion. Until this very day I've been all around, North, South, East, West, had temptations galore, spiritually immature as I still consider my self until the day I die for we never stop learning! I've met all kind of people other additional religions and I must say that I have learned to have much respect and love for all, but as for me I will serve my Great Lord Jesus Christ as a unwavering member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Therefore, I too, am a Mormon!

How I live my faith

I love the fact that it has been easy for me to go to church if no car, walk to temple square or a local train ride. I can talk freely about our church activities or our family activities that may be centered in church beliefs with out being looked at as if from another planet. Our family activities are simpler and have the capability to be as church oriented or not as we desire with out any second looks, but with love. Like any other place on Earth there are very painful challenges, but somehow, and depending only on how I not how anybody else reacts because of my faith I can find more solace and a soft spoken word to help me continue in my trials with much higher spirits. It is here in Utah where I have learned to say: Thank You, Dear Father Eternal! right in the middle of my tears of pain for I know that This too shall pass. No matter when, but what will I learn, whether here or in the there after! It has been Here in Utah where I have finally learned to never again have the audacity to say: Why Me!? Why not? I'm not Better than anybody nor a special god to be free of life's trials! It has been here in Utah where I have learned to be happy and feel like a millionaire even if I at this very moment, do not have a peny to my name or if I could have been in the middle of the most "gut wrenching situation (death of a love one etc...) In my tears I will say and have said many times since: Thank You Heavenly Father! An this I do Say in the most beautiful name of Jesus, even the Christ, AMEN

How can I know Mormonism is true?

I could only find out by myself by doing exactly what the Bible tells to do in the book of James for we need to believe in Our Eternal Father... He's the one with all the answers. All The Book of Mormon does is tell us that what the what we read and pray for in the Bible is true, that we will find it out Not any clearer than James 1: 5- 6 from the Bible and Moroni 10: 4-5 from the Book of Mormon. THE REST as I now can say full of joy now IS (my personal) HISTORY! I pray it may become yours one day. Show more Show less